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Lots of negative reviews for sure, but I had a different experience. Did not like the pressure during the pitch, but 5 years later, I am up 15,000 from where I would have been in my other mortgage thanks to continued low rates. Because of my skepticism, I have followed... Read more

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So I bought a watch, Invicta 15461, and when it arrived I instantly did not think it looked like it did online, so I filled out the preprinted return form, and took it to a shipping office (FedEx). They informed me the zip code 12215, did not exist for the location... Read more

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I got the wiring diagram from their tech support, wired it up,turned the car on, let it warm up, took it for a drive. Didn't notice ANY improvement.Okay, the directions say it will take up to 100 mi. for the car's comp. to adjust.... burned a whole tank of gas (about... Read more

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The old days of quality are long gone. At the Taj ma hall offices you will be misdiagnosed, have delayed diagnoses and purposely let things run their course until death or near death. In my case I was given a month to live after my wife demanded the doctor do something... Read more

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The sizes are way off I ordered a large which did not even fit my gf who is a size 4 and I'm an 8, so get the sizes right the size chart is not even close to what the dress was

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brakes were not done on the up and up on my 2001 chevy . went to change stores and couldn't change without upgradeing my file. Already have an account at andresen store and minihaha store. When she looked on the computer I felt she just could have called Steve, to see... Read more

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My name is Joni and I own a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse – this is my story :) On January 17, 2009 at 8am I took my car to Meineke Car Care Center, #1440 (15510 E Mill Plain Blvd Vancouver, WA) for my 90, 000 mile service. I was told when I dropped my car off that they... Read more

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Roni Deutsch's company caused me immense personal pain and put me in personal debt I was never able to pay off. Several years ago, my wife and I got a house with no money down, wife lost her ability to make an income and I was left frantically trying to support us... Read more

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