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These scumbags lead you into a situation online where, by the time you discover their fish-wrapper news letter you want to know the cost of before you subscribe, you have no way of canceling the transaction. And the cost is $900 a year. And they have obviously omitted a way to un-do the deal. Then they ignore emails requesting they cancel the charges. All you ever hear back is via automatically generated emails that don't mean squat. Never... Read more

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I keep getting calls from 1-866-812-6662 and found this on the BBB website: Mortgage Investors Corporation (Headquarters) Find a Location Phone: (866) 812-6593 Fax: (727) 343-0049 6090 Central Ave, Saint Petersburg, FL 33707-1622 Contact Information Principal: Mr. William Edwards (President) Customer Contact: Ms. Holly Brown (Assistant) Mr. Wes Bailey (Corporate Council) Mr. Jeffrey Crilley Ms. Cheryl Graham... Read more

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I bought the "triple threat" combo of the greens, fat fighter and thermofit. After a couple days of taking them as directed I noticed my poops were burning like if I had eaten spicy food when I hadn't. I let it slide and thought I must have eaten something weird. Next thing I know, after a week and a half of taking these products there is quite a bit of blood in my stool and bowel movements became painful. I immediately stopped taking them. As... Read more

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We purchased a 2015 Keystone Laredo 278SRL four months ago. The worst mistake we ever made. The quality is horrible and Keystone should be embarrassed as well as the dealer who sold it to us. The cabinet hinges are coming out on numerous cabinets, leaving them hanging crooked and have to actually lift them up to close properly and has also ruined the cheap covering on the actual cabinet where the screws are pulling out, part of our carpet... Read more

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If you want to make First Premier pay attention to these complaints, then as a group we all need to file complaints against them with both the Attorney General's Office of South Dakota and your state's Attorney General's Office. This is how the New York city lawsuit began that caused them to have to pay $4.5 million to people they defrauded. They won't pay attention until you complain to agencies that will actually go after them.... Read more

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I have waited to write this review. Let me say that I am honest, not difficult to please, but it would be in your interest to read my story. I have reserved judgement but only present you with what has happened to me. I purchased a new (not used) 2013 Monaco Diplomat from Poulsbo in Everett on May 30, 2014. I took delivery on July 1st, 2014 after having them evaluate it for multiple minor issues and one major issue (it "bucked" in 2nd and 3rd... Read more

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I bought this pillow and wrapped it up and put it under the tree for myself. I got really excited about using I have severe sleep apnea ...and have had it for a few decades. I was only diagnosed with it 10 years ago, and put on a c-pap machine...which I use religously. I still don't sleep. My pillows are throw pillows from the couch I grew up on. I have been sleeping on the MyPillow now for over a week. My neck was sore after the first... Read more

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Tradesy treat sellers poorly. Locked out my account without further investigation. I open my account 10/10/14 I have 14 item listed in Tradesy and all have a properties of description. Then I received an email from a customer named Laura saying that she want her money back cause she just bought a fake purse LVUITTON from me. I sent back a response and I told her that the purse is not a replica since that is my personal item. I went to check my... Read more

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If you want your items destroyed and then returned so you can't sell them go to Poshmark. If you want to be discriminated against in favor of scamming buyers, sell on here. This site does NOT support sellers and allows buyers to purchase items, rub dirt on them send pics to PM and return the item. If you are a 5 star seller on here, there are NO rewards for all your hard work. Any person can sign up for an account, scam you and Poshmark believes... Read more

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I bought a Kenmore Ultra Wash dishwasher from Sears in 2011. The model is 665.13742K603. After two years the buttons have quit working. I read on multiple sites that the problem is a poor-quality control panel. I recommend avoid this model. It cleans well but not if it won't start. I'm sorry I also bought a washer, dryer, fridge and range from Sears as I'm worried how long they are going to last. My 'maintenance... Read more

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