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These scumbags lead you into a situation online where, by the time you discover their fish-wrapper news letter you want to know the cost of before you subscribe, you have no way of canceling the transaction. And the cost is $900 a year. And they have obviously omitted... Read more

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I bought the "triple threat" combo of the greens, fat fighter and thermofit. After a couple days of taking them as directed I noticed my poops were burning like if I had eaten spicy food when I hadn't. I let it slide and thought I must have eaten something weird. Next... Read more

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I never give out my CC i always buy a pre paid visa so when companies try to Scam charge you they cant .I do understand not everyone can do that but just a thought... Read more

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Our 2007 Nissan suffered minor damage to the front end hood and windshield when a sprinkler broke at 11:30 PM.I called the after hours phone and the tech told me he was about a hour to a hour and 1/2 away.And I told him I really didn't care while the water was spewing... Read more

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I just tried to return a microwave purchased in October to the Everett Mall Way store. The microwave was purchased by the school for our department. For the last couple of months it has not been heating anything although it sounded like it was ok. I was asked if I had... Read more

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I ordered from another company that had "lily" in the company name. I have a feeling this is the same company with multiple retail websites. My order came from China, took forever, quality was poor, sizing was way off (I ordered a large but was way too small). When I... Read more

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Fanatics Shipping Service Review from Everett, Washington
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Absolute fraud!!! Provided me with false tracking numbers! I ordered two separate jerseys and later I find two foreign atm charges and two separate charges that were linked to them on my bank account. I called my bank and they said it was def fraud! I still have not... Read more

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well ill start with the constant page faults from all the unauthorized streaming ads that just start barking at you... then there are the apple ads that you cant stop, minimize and take up 3/4 of my 21 inch screen. Mail now is getting to the point it takes longer for... Read more

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I have waited to write this review. Let me say that I am honest, not difficult to please, but it would be in your interest to read my story. I have reserved judgement but only present you with what has happened to me. I purchased a new (not used) 2013 Monaco Diplomat... Read more

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Your website is very hard to navigate it only gives options for the customer to provide information about the person trying to search your site. In other words provide leads when all a person wants to do is browse RV trailers. I give up trying to look at RV's on your... Read more

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