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I got a call telling me I won from an entry form I filled out at a basketball game. I was pretty sure what the "free" involved and googled the company to find out if it was legit. When I hit on this site it was like hitting a gold mine of negative reviews. Just as I... Read more

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DO NOT EVER USE OR COME CLOSE TO HIS COMPANY! Golden Leasing Inc. has been charging - unduly - a monthly fee for "software leasing". My wife managed credit card accounts, did not pay attention to the recurring charge to our checking account. When I noticed -... Read more

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I was thinking of getting into this one, but decided to check on reviews first. Thank the good Lord in heaven that sites like this one exist... thanks to you, I did not lose any of my already scanty income. Why is it that these operations always prey upon those who... Read more

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It started out well with this company. They installed my selected countertop for my home bar and agreed to install a countertop for my bathroom as well for a great price. I guess it was too good to be true. Company promised to install a stone leather surface... Read more

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Liberty Language Services in Vienna VA is owned and operated by Timothy Worster a convicted felon from South Dakota and his wife Shahela Sharmin. After his criminal conviction reputation caught up with him (see the copy of his criminal report below) at A Plus... Read more

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I've had this tile for almost 9 years. It looks worse and worse over time. Most of my tiles at this point have dings, dents, scratches, or gouges. We remodeled our entire kitchen and this is the one decision I regret. It looked so pretty at first. Don't be fooled.... Read more

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My husband is an employee and volunteered to stay in a hotel NEAR the store to make sure the animals were taken care of. Corp said they would put him in a hotel close to the store. He was 3 blocks from a main road that was impassable in the snow. Not to mention to... Read more

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ASK YOURSELF: If they are such a great company with such a quality product, why do they have to hard sell customers and pressure them to sign a contract on the spot? As other reviewers noted I was told the "Free Estimate" would be about 45 minutes; I expected useful... Read more

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be aware, this company is a big rip off, they lie about the rates and everything then they keep charging you fees even after closing acct. they've quoted me a low interest rate with no transaction fee and when the statement arrived the interest was double with 10% fee... Read more

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First year (2011)- freezes cans and wine bottles until they explode. Second year (2012) - Called Marvel and got some droll on the phone who told me it's out of warranty, we can't help you. Had to pay almost $400 to replace the electronic display control. Third year... Read more

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