I got a call telling me I won from an entry form I filled out at a basketball game. I was pretty sure what the "free" involved and googled the company to find out if it was legit. When I hit on this site it was like hitting a gold mine of negative reviews. Just as I suspected. High pressure sales pitch to buy packages and then you might win a trip that will cost you money. Wow. And then you can't get rid of them. Nothing is worth hearing a bunch... Read more

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Adding to my review in September of Clear choice dental. Am DEFINITELY not going ahead with them, NEVER Overpriced, no price list, must make a decision that day (why) Never really talk with a REAL dentisit, at least not at the Tysons Corner VA location To the person who wondered why no Better Business Bureau complaints My company is a member. If the business is NOT a member, they don't take complaints And if the business is a member, there are... Read more

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I was thinking of getting into this one, but decided to check on reviews first. Thank the good Lord in heaven that sites like this one exist... thanks to you, I did not lose any of my already scanty income. Why is it that these operations always prey upon those who can least afford it? I guess the old adage -prevails; anything that seems to be too good to be true, usually is! Again, my thanks for the service you provide here. I imagine... Read more

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In December 2012, I contacted Navy Federal Credit Union to apply for a 100% financing loan for a new construction condominium. I completed the information online. After applying through the online system I received an email notifying me that my loan officer would be Mr. Marcus XXXX. I immediately contacted Mr.Marcus and informed him that I am purchasing a townhouse condominium in MD and would like to use 100% financing. From the onset my... Read more

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We had a Rainbow Monster Castle for about 8 years. Two years ago carpenter bees found it and we got tired of the battle. Its not just the play set - we are next to the woods and they are everywhere. When we bought ours carpenter bee damage was covered. The shipping is expensive and is the customer responsibility and we opted to treat and repair our set because only 3 pieces were damaged. The dealer in our area is great - Outback Play Systems... Read more

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DO NOT EVER USE OR COME CLOSE TO HIS COMPANY! Golden Leasing Inc. has been charging - unduly - a monthly fee for "software leasing". My wife managed credit card accounts, did not pay attention to the recurring charge to our checking account. When I noticed - this is years in the works, btw, our bad for not noticing sooner - I called Golden Leasing Inc. at 800-683-5433 to inquire and cancel. Got a run around, and was hung up TWICE, with... Read more

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Second time this has happened with LaserShit. I live in a condo building and the UPS, USPS, and FedEx deliveries never seem to have any problems. Customer service help was a joke "It says delivered, so there's nothing I can do." This reminds me of when DHL used to "deliver." I wonder what happens to all of the lost packages? Are the Lasership drivers selling them on eBay? Is there a massive warehouse full of people's Amazon orders? The... Read more

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I know if you don't have hair just try look for anything which can help you. but stay away from Hair Club....they just total rip off...what the adv. all wrong....I wished i did my home work before sign up with this company...................................................................after the fact probably you will read these review ...which sorry for you all. products so expensive and you can find them in Amazon much cheaper...go their... Read more

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I had the MasterShield Gutter Guards installed 7 years ago (cost $9500). Within a few years the guards turned black and became clogged; when it rains the water cascades over the gutters in some areas. Turns out the gutter guards are not self cleaning and according to the company rep, their "no clog" guarantee does not apply to their gutter guards (and excludes mold & mildew) - it only guarantees that there will not any debris inside your... Read more

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I took a day off work to wait around for UPS since they can't give a time frame only "by end of day" ***. I constantly checked the tracking in case something changed. By 5:30 pm when I still didn't get a delivery after seeing a UPS guy throw trash on my sidewalk then drive away, I call UPS to make sure my package is coming. I was told YES, it'll be there by end of day, which is apparently 7:00 pm. See the UPS truck parked down the block around... Read more

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