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I was thinking of getting into this one, but decided to check on reviews first. Thank the good Lord in heaven that sites like this one exist... thanks to you, I did not lose any of my already scanty income. Why is it that these operations always prey upon those who... Read more

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I got a call telling me I won from an entry form I filled out at a basketball game. I was pretty sure what the "free" involved and googled the company to find out if it was legit. When I hit on this site it was like hitting a gold mine of negative reviews. Just as I... Read more

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ASK YOURSELF: If they are such a great company with such a quality product, why do they have to hard sell customers and pressure them to sign a contract on the spot? As other reviewers noted I was told the "Free Estimate" would be about 45 minutes; I expected useful... Read more

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We have been a very loyal IKEA USA customer since we moved to the US three years ago. Three years ago we bought all the furniture for our home from IKEA store along with delivery and assembly services. Unfortunately, we had bad experiences with delivery and assembly... Read more

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I had to go over the vision exam and sales associate informed me that they accept my insurance. After the exam they made me wait about two hours and told me that I had a problem with the insurance (which I figured out I did not). At the end I had to pay full exam price... Read more

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Magan Kelly was so out of hand speaking so harshly to Newt Gingrich tonight. She has gone to the left which has become very uncomfortable to watch. I have been a faithful watcher of Fox because of the fair and balanced concept, but you have become more and more like... Read more

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I know if you don't have hair just try look for anything which can help you. but stay away from Hair Club....they just total rip off...what the adv. all wrong....I wished i did my home work before sign up with this... Read more

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After complaining on Lasership platform; that no attempt to deliver was made on 26 Dec because we were home and did not leave home at all; Tue 12/27/2016 6:56 PM, Laser ship tracking now shows that the package left the warehouse same day at 7:48 pm from East Brunswick,... Read more

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I have purchased two Tempurpedic mattresses in the past year, both Countour Queens. The quality of the mattresses are excellent and I have no complaint on that score, they are firm and comfortable. However, Tempuredic promises that if their mattresses are registered on... Read more

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We had a Rainbow Monster Castle for about 8 years. Two years ago carpenter bees found it and we got tired of the battle. Its not just the play set - we are next to the woods and they are everywhere. When we bought ours carpenter bee damage was covered. The shipping is... Read more

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