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Melaleuca - Soy and then some 3.0 I have to agree with the lady thats upset with So So many of your products containing SOY.. My personal healthfood store will not allow one Soy... Bad experience at Clear Choice 1.3 I went to Clear Choice Tysons Corner, VA in August 2016. First, the explanation of the sales man was not very clear. I am not in the dental field,... Myeyedr - Cheating sales tacticks 1.3 I had to go over the vision exam and sales associate informed me that they accept my insurance. After the exam they made me wait about two hours and... TempurPedic - Bait and switch on registration offer I have purchased two Tempurpedic mattresses in the past year, both Countour Queens. The quality of the mattresses are excellent and I have no... HomeFix Custom Remodeling (HCR) Beware of Sales Tactics 2.0 ASK YOURSELF: If they are such a great company with such a quality product, why do they have to hard sell customers and pressure them to sign a... Lasership - False delivery tracking 1.0 After complaining on Lasership platform; that no attempt to deliver was made on 26 Dec because we were home and did not leave home at all; Tue... Fox News - Disrespectful Magan Kelly was so out of hand speaking so harshly to Newt Gingrich tonight. She has gone to the left which has become very uncomfortable to watch. ... Cox Communications - Resolution of boxes 2.4 Finally got someone in the tech department to listen to me. She was in Texas and I wish I remembered her name. Told her my plith and she said that's...