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LewisGale Medical Center - Why we will never go to lewisgale salem surgical again 1.6 The front office girl was too busy playing with her cellphone and computer to help us when we came in. When she finally got around to waiting on us... First Virginia Loans - Scam artisit The whole entire staff mainly Ron is very very rude! I made a payment with them by phone last month and they assured me that they would mail me a... Liberty Medical is a nightmare 1.0 I purchased a Dexcom G5 myself, was delighted when Medicare decided to cover. Called Liberty, gave them info, returned the ABN form feb 13, 2017.... Drivetime - Down payment I bought a truck from drive time yesterday, it was a 2012 GMC regular cab pickup, I paid $16,695.00 with a down payment of $1,350.00. I told them I... Liberty Medical - Declining customer service 1.0 10 years ago Liberty Medical had a great customer service. Since then, the quality has been steadily going down. They have cut on the call center... Rosetta Stone software won't activate! Big money - awful support. Rip-off! 2.0 Today I contacted Rosetta Stone's customer service department concerning a Spanish Language Instructional Software program that my sister purchased... Abc Warehouse Repair Review from Salem, Virginia 1.0 This is the worst company ever!!!! I have a refrigerator with a extended warranty on it. My refrigerator needed service for the defrosting unit. The... Adt Security System Review from Salem, Virginia We had our home broken into some years ago, but today, I once again feel robbed, preyed upon and vulnerable..
This time, it is the service we choose for peace of mind that have taken from us: ADT.