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I Bought Camping World A Camper 1.3 First off if I had a business that had so many bad reviews I would start making changes!!! I purchased a new camper less then two months ago. This... Directv - BAD Customer Service !!!! They show ONE price on the billing page and when I paid it they said I owed more. I called and was told too bad so sad (so to speak). When I asked to... Camping World - Bad service and they do not stand by their work. I have purchased a 2015 Heartland wilderness and have had nothing but problems. The first year we had roof problems where in 4 small spots where the... Other Company - Discontinued product I have submitted same question to no avial. I Love Bali Bras. Each time I find a syle I like it gets discountinued. The style is 3508, size 40DD. Can... Kroger - Deviled eggs on the run! 3.3 I purchased several trays from deli, the chicken croissants were delicious. the deviled eggs pictured in the online pic showed them in a tray with... Hurricane Wind Power - Not Satisfied. Defective Product. 1.4 I purchased a Hurricane 450 XP In mid December. 8 days later the charge controller and dump load arrived. I was super excited that it arrived so... LEVEL UP, SPRINT, AND STEAK N SHAKE PARTICIPATED IN FRAUD 2.0 I was charged on my sprint bill for food I never received totaling $21.35. I called and created a complaint with Steak N Shake the same night. Do... Smartstyle - Hair Disaster 1.0 I went in for my hair to be colored. The person I had to do my hair was the manager which shocked me after finding out. She didn't have any...