I wanted to market and patent an idea I had, so that nobody could steal my idea. I had never tried to patent anything before so I started looking for a resource of someone to help with this process. That's how I found United Patent Research (UPR) United Patent Research claimed for a one time up front fee of $795.00 they would do patent a search and market analysis. United Patent Research said they would keep me up to date on the process every... Read more

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AfromRomance is Filled with FAKES. DON'T GO THERE. I thought at first it was a great idea for getting your preference and it could have been. Don't look for honest reviews out there, most of them are fakes too. So I have to warn anyone thinking of this site that, as with the recent lawsuits invloving Match.com, this site employs BAIT and TRAP methods. Meaning that they site purposely leaved handsome fakes to lure you into joining. ... Read more

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A month or so back I received an e-mail informing me that I would have to re-register my online account with ge capital. I tried, but continually got a message saying that the user name I had chosen had become unavailable (this is after I clicked submit, as when I typed the name in it showed "available"). I thought that perhaps it was due to the "new system"...so I waited a few weeks. Tried again, same result. A few weeks later (after having to... Read more

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Did a tour, listened to the presentation and declined purchase. Then was given another option of RTX Voyages to join to get discounted vacations and trade our existing timeshares. LIES, all Lies!!! We purchased and have never been able to sign into the website and register. You have to register to do any kind of exchanges or purchases. Calling them is a nightmare as well, call at least 5 times on hold for 30-40 minutes only to get a CSR... Read more

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Colin Ross ran the Ronoke Virgina office for Smart Circle under the name Phoneix Marketing. He was present during the lawsuit as one of Brian's lackeys. He claimed to be a lawyer. I have found out recently that he has no education or certification as such. Talking with a few of his ex employees they all stated that he stole checks from them and then just vanished after less than a year of running the office. While stealing money from employees... Read more

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I purchased a Hurricane 450 XP In mid December. 8 days later the charge controller and dump load arrived. I was super excited that it arrived so fast. I assumed the Wind turbine would arrive within a day or two. It did not. I was told upon purchase that I would receive Tracking info. I did not. When the turbine did not arrive within a few days of the controller and dump load I emailed tony for tracking. He did not respond. After a week I emailed... Read more

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Beware of filmclassics4u2.ioffer.com counterfeiter http://www.ioffer.com/selling/filmclassics4u2 On February 1, 2011, I read 2 different iOffer.com seller webpages advertising "DVD"s. I purchased 9 DVDs from each store: ioffer.com.mdmh738 store purchase price w/USPS shipping was $41.00; ioffer.com.eraflicks store purchase price w/UPSP shipping was $59.00.I couldn't know 2 stores were operated by 1 counterfeiting seller.I paid via PayPal.USPS... Read more

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Zazzle - No honor No 100% customer satisfaction or money returned! Poor quality! Stay away!
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I just got through sending them an email expressing my dissatisfaction in a $180 order. The pens were junk. Paper glued to a cheap pen. A kitchen towel that was sewn haphazardly, it wasn't a rectangle, and the edges were just horrendous. The biggest problem was a custom made white binder with a rose decoration. It arrived absolutely filthy. Every corner had black smudges on it. My husband and I took pictures as proof, and I get a return email... Read more

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Banfield sedated my dog to turn her upside down and shake her to remove fluid from her lungs, it stopped her heart. I don't have proof her heart stopped, but reviving your pet adds another $500, so it could be a way of making money for the payroll. I did witness the heart massage that may have broken her rib as I was told. She went into a coma or may have been dead when I went into the exam room, they said she would need to go to an... Read more

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I have two major complaints with salesgenie.com. The first is that they will only let you take a 1 year or more contract. You cannot go month to month. (When I signed up the salesman told me I could cancel at any time. But when I was finalizing the order, the woman I spoke to denounced that claim. *** me agreed to go ahead anyway). The second issue is now that my business is struggling to get by, I asked if I could suspend my account or cancel... Read more

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