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My loan was sold from Greentree to Ditech after a divorce. Trying to refinance a home due to divorce and having more financial burden than I should, I became late on 1 payment. They were calling me all hours of the day, talking nasty to me, acting like I am a... Read more

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I purchased a Hurricane 450 XP In mid December. 8 days later the charge controller and dump load arrived. I was super excited that it arrived so fast. I assumed the Wind turbine would arrive within a day or two. It did not. I was told upon purchase that I would receive... Read more

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I have purchased a 2015 Heartland wilderness and have had nothing but problems. The first year we had roof problems where in 4 small spots where the camper cover had rubbed through the roof. The service manager and the general manager are the ones that told me the $500... Read more

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They show ONE price on the billing page and when I paid it they said I owed more. I called and was told too bad so sad (so to speak). When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was put on hold for 12 mins and then hung up. I talked to a "Leo" who said he was a supervisor... Read more

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I have submitted same question to no avial. I Love Bali Bras. Each time I find a syle I like it gets discountinued. The style is 3508, size 40DD. Can you rcommend a compatable style that would replace the 3508? My sister wears the same style and size. We bought several... Read more

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Zazzle - No honor No 100% customer satisfaction or money returned! Poor quality! Stay away!
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I just got through sending them an email expressing my dissatisfaction in a $180 order. The pens were junk. Paper glued to a cheap pen. A kitchen towel that was sewn haphazardly, it wasn't a rectangle, and the edges were just horrendous. The biggest problem was a... Read more

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I purchased several trays from deli, the chicken croissants were delicious. the deviled eggs pictured in the online pic showed them in a tray with depressions and a green garnish and paprika. there was no paprika on the eggs and the eggs were on a flat tray, sliding... Read more

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Do not under any circumstance contract with this company for anything(the contract means nothing to them)...they charge for service that is not provided(charged me $3000.00+ for removal of existing exterior) the contractor simply nailed 7/16 OSB over old exterior along... Read more

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I went in for my hair to be colored. The person I had to do my hair was the manager which shocked me after finding out. She didn't have any conversation with me. The color she picked faded into a purple pink at the top and turned to a light purple pink at my ends. I... Read more

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HayNeedle - Cheap products that you would not want to use and expect you to pay return
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Purchased 4 of the Hudson Street Faux Suede 22 x 22 in. Decorative Pillows in Mocha from and they were shipped from Hayneedle. Wished I had known they were coming from Hayneedle as I would have researched and seen what a terrible company they are. These pillows... Read more

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