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A month or so back I received an e-mail informing me that I would have to re-register my online account with ge capital. I tried, but continually got a message saying that the user name I had chosen had become unavailable (this is after I clicked submit, as when I... Read more

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I purchased a Hurricane 450 XP In mid December. 8 days later the charge controller and dump load arrived. I was super excited that it arrived so fast. I assumed the Wind turbine would arrive within a day or two. It did not. I was told upon purchase that I would receive... Read more

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BlueGreen Resorts.. Be assured if you ruin my good credit by false advertisement & absurd “resale” rules I WILL ruin your good name! Who's heard a company would rather you stop payments & foreclose, than let you sell with the same benefits? Maint. fees... Read more

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My wife and I took out a loan and before signing, asked a very important question: "Could the loan be refinanced if we should pay down the balance significantly with a large lump sum payment?" We were told "YES". When we tried to do that a month afterwards, we were... Read more

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After reading a negative review regarding this company, I've trying to contact Tic-Tok Clock and Cellular via phone, their web, plus email regarding an order placed thru back early on Dec. 4th. I originally tried to find out the physical condition of an item... Read more

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Do not under any circumstance contract with this company for anything(the contract means nothing to them)...they charge for service that is not provided(charged me $3000.00+ for removal of existing exterior) the contractor simply nailed 7/16 OSB over old exterior along... Read more

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a seller sold me $500 kitten I never received it and next day i ask her where is the cat she asked me for another $1550 for pet insurance then she can send it. Read more

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About ten weeks ago, I signed my daughter up for ballet classes at Baa da bing Family Center in Roanoke, VA. The week before her first class, I had stopped in their Oak Grove Location and inquired about the classes for three year olds. I was told by the owner's... Read more

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I am very dissatisfied with the service and attitude of the owner of the Rebath store in my area. Upon ordering my bath liner I was shocked to learn I would have to wait nearly 3 months for the installation. With promises from the salesman that they usually arrive... Read more

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i work for trugreen. i only see my kids about 2 hours everynight and my wife isnt even there because she works then. trugreen has a new policy now that makes everyone sell. now any technican who doesnt have the right amount of sales by friday has to stay that night... Read more

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