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Directv - BAD Customer Service !!!! They show ONE price on the billing page and when I paid it they said I owed more. I called and was told too bad so sad (so to speak). When I asked to... Camping World - Bad service and they do not stand by their work. I have purchased a 2015 Heartland wilderness and have had nothing but problems. The first year we had roof problems where in 4 small spots where the... Other Company - Discontinued product I have submitted same question to no avial. I Love Bali Bras. Each time I find a syle I like it gets discountinued. The style is 3508, size 40DD. Can... Kroger - Deviled eggs on the run! 3.3 I purchased several trays from deli, the chicken croissants were delicious. the deviled eggs pictured in the online pic showed them in a tray with... Hurricane Wind Power - Not Satisfied. Defective Product. 1.4 I purchased a Hurricane 450 XP In mid December. 8 days later the charge controller and dump load arrived. I was super excited that it arrived so... LEVEL UP, SPRINT, AND STEAK N SHAKE PARTICIPATED IN FRAUD 2.0 I was charged on my sprint bill for food I never received totaling $21.35. I called and created a complaint with Steak N Shake the same night. Do... Smartstyle - Hair Disaster 1.0 I went in for my hair to be colored. The person I had to do my hair was the manager which shocked me after finding out. She didn't have any... Sprint - Charged on the sneak for so called "free" phones 1.5 My family had our plan through Ntelos. They merged with Sprint and we were told that we would receive "free" phones since they could not transfer our...