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There is power in numbers. Send your Direct TV complaints directly to: Ms. Ellen Filipiak SR VP, Customer Care 2230 E Imperial Highway El Segundo, CA 90245 Email: Consumers, UNITE! There IS power in numbers. Bombard, innundate Ms.... Read more

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I have discovered how aggrieved homeowners can turn the tables on home warranty companies and beat them at their own game. Please share this with everyone you know. I’m an attorney and after having a problem with my home warranty company, American Home Shield, I... Read more

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After living in our Ryan Home for a little over a year, we noticed that several floor boards of our hardwood flooring around the half bath were warped with apparent water damage. After investigating to find where the water was coming from we realized that it was... Read more

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this is an update to the mice,I have gotten 7 so far,as the weather is turning cooler I can appreciate them trying to find winter quarters,tho this 5th wheeler isn't a warm place presently,the Atwood hydro furnace has stopped working,hah,just as we have an outing... Read more

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I got a halfway decent resume, but they did not get what I needed to be expressed in my resume, the most important part. I asked for adjustments, and I got NOTHING. I tried "chatting" with them on three separate occasions, and they would always have me repeat my... Read more

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My Business purchased a new Dell Precision 5510 in March of 2107. Received the invoice from Dell Finance well before the machine arrived. I financed it knowing once they are paid everything goes through India for Customer support. Well The first machine has a bad... Read more

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I engaged Resume Planet to re-write my resume. I sent my self composed resume to them in I hopes they could improve it. When I got the resulting resume back, it was a convoluted mess. I had 3 recruiters indicate my self composed resume was far better. I think they hire... Read more

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Fire Megan Kelly NOW please Read more

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Stay as far away as you can from Jason Trindade and King of condos or any of his new seemingly fraudulent ventures, the guy should be locked up, from other pissed off consumers, it appears as though this *** ruined multiple people's lives with bad loans. My dealings... Read more

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2015 jayco eagle premier:so far 4 shelves have collapsed,slide motors are poor quality,slide on fridge side going in and out at an angle.Trim around ceiling in bedroom keeps falling down,closet rods hangers made of wood,both sets broke,I replaced with set bought from... Read more

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