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Lowes - Lowe' has no 25" tape measure s on the shelf 4.7 I was told they would not warranty any more kobalt tape measures so much for their lifetime warranty. Haynes Furniture - I was Scammed - Do Not Buy iTwin Mattress 1.2 I purchased a mattress from them and they delivered me a piece of plywood to lay on. They told me to give it a week or two to get use to it, so I... Extended Stay Hotel - Sold my room, not courtesy call! I reserved a room using Orbitz. I arrived late after midnight only to find my room was sold. There was one person on staff. The manager was not... Harmony Bath Solutions - Lifetime warranty but no one to service?? 1.0 My in laws had a company out of Virginia Beach, Virginia come out and install the Easy Climber Chair Lift in their home on 10/1/2014. In less that 3... Crystal Springs Water - Worst Company Ever!!! 1.0 This company sucks! They stopped delivering water to me without any explanation explaining why. The last time I had water delivered was in February.... Public Storage - Worst company to store with 1.0 My unit was broken into and now has black mold all throughout it and has over $1000 worth of damage...they tell me in June that my insurance on the... Haynes furniture ???? Sorry for going there! 1.8 I have been to Haynes in the past- 10yrs ago. terrible relationship and I was significantly disappointed and frustrated. Their sales staff was quick... Jared - Poor workmanship 1.3 I took my very old diamond ring to Jared's in Newport News, VA which had the prongs worn down and they said they would build them up with no problem....