I agree very much that "Hope" is scamming, it's shill, racketeering and loathe worthy behavior. I do know she has unfairly shifted business to Orisha. Ashe, who has also not had some successes (like everyone), yet is still promoted by "Hope". In fact I was recently... Read more

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Tasharina Corp items cannot be returned to Walmart stores. This purchase restriction was not highlighted during the purchase, but was provided AFTER I purchased the items online, in an email confirming the purchase. That is an underhanded way to do business. My... Read more

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In 2007 I purchased a $900 Lane Comfort King "Big Man's" recliner, built for (and even advertised by) a football player sized man. Supposedly the frame is heavier gauge and all the other parts are beefed up - but truth be known, it's just a wider and slightly taller... Read more

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LeafGuard gutters are completely inadequate for any high volume of water coming from roofs that come together in Vs. The worst thing is that they completely ignore requests to fix the problem. Perhaps because the don't have an answer or they just don't care once they... Read more

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When you sign up for SitterCity, you must enter a credit card which you believe will gain you access to the necessary information to find the resource you're looking for on their website. I used the website for a few weeks and found a lot of false representation was... Read more

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I paid based on a letter from Kaiser and in the letter it stated that if I paid the full amount the insurance would remain in full force. I paid by check and Kaiser cashed the check. They then cancelled my insurance and said that the check was not cashed by my bank. I... Read more

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Tried to schedule an appointment with Andrea Cox about a vaccine. Wanted to help people in need with health problems. Was really trying to be charitable. Wrote her an email on a Sunday night. She responded immediately and rudely that the trial ended Friday. Website... Read more

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Manassas, Virginia location: This is supposed to be a 45 minute experience. Instead ours was three days. We had a noon appointment that got pushed back to 1 because they overbooked, and they also had no record of our appointment even though they had called the day... Read more

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I was asked to go to another line after I loaded all my items on the belt. I smiled and complied to the cashier's request. She was closing. I went to the next open register and once again unloaded my goods. The line supervisor was there finishing up ringing the... Read more

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Terrible quality engraving After several emails and phone calls was sent a replacement of equally poor engraving Now to battle to return without paying more shipping fees... Will update if resolved Read more

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