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Orbitz - Obitz - beware ! 1.0 Booked a hotel with Orbitz, when I got to the hotel I gave the receptionist a copy of my reservation made though Orbitz. When the credit card invoice... Fox News - Tv Show Review from Hopewell, Virginia I have seen the undercover videos that clearly show the violence perpetrated on Trump supporters was orcanstrated by Hillary, Obama and the DNC. I... Kfc - Drive-through Review from Hopewell, Virginia 1.8 Went to the Kentucky fried chicken in Thurmond Maryland on weds October 5. Used the drive through and was behind a truck, ordered an 8 piece crispy... Crystal Springs Water - Delivery Service Review from Hopewell, Virginia 1.2 My third water dispenser in six months leaked all over my floor. When I called on a Sunday and was promised a replacement cooler and water the next... Jasper Engines And Transmissions - Jasper Engines Car Engine Review from Hopewell, Virginia I had an engine installed 2 years ago and have had nothing but trouble with it. Engine light on constantly runs hot. Two different mechanics cannot... Directv - Review in Telecommunications category from Hopewell, Virginia When I decided to turn off my direct service , I got I phone call that if I went back for one year I would get a two hundred gift card . Well that's v... Olympic Paint And Stain - Olympic Rescue It Deck Paint peeling, cracking and flaking To: Olympic Customer Service
Lowe’s Customer Service
Subject: Complaint - Olympic Rescue It Deck Paint Products
In 2014 I purchased and used...
Capital One Auto Finance Auto Loan Review from Hopewell, Virginia 1.9 Very discusted with capital obe auto finance . I have had a auto loan with them for almost 2 years . also have 4 credit cards ( myself 2 and my wife...