When I booked my hotel with Wyndham and got the offer to try Traveler Advantage program. I remember the guy that I spoke to on the phone said that it only costs me $1 and I will get $25 American Express cash back. I can cancel my membership any time, if I don't like... Read more

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Thanks for all your information about Saen Higgins. I decided not to buy their CD and listen to their lessons any more. Many thanks for sharing your experience with Saen Higgins, Tony Martinez and the United States Tax Lien Association. I got your complaint before... Read more

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I ordered a ge dishwasher, 1 the guys pulls up thumping music a,d hanging out outside on the phone. I new right there I had a feeling they were idiots. I'll ,ale a *** of a long story as short as I can. I recorded on my phone everything, they came in with no booties I... Read more

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They refused to honor my claim stating that it was a pre-existing condition. though I have paid the monthly water heater insurance payment to Dominion during March and April 2017. I noticed a water leak near my basement wall two weeks back. I suspected that my... Read more

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I was a patient of Dr. Soyfer's for 3 years. During those 3 years, the Virginia Board of Dentistry is alleging that Dr. Soyfer performed several medically unnecessary root canal procedures on me despite x-rays failing to show any tooth decay or any atypical pathologies... Read more

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I had lab work done a year ago, and I never recieved a bill for the work. Then, one night in December I get a call from a COLLECTIONS AGENCY saying Labcorp sent my account to them to collect over $2,000. When I told them I never recieved a bill, the collections agency... Read more

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The leasing staff is very friendly and courteous however, this property is poorly maintained and in need of major renovation. The condition of this apartment at move in was unacceptable. Dingy old appliances, The bathroom sink was clogged, the dishwasher doesn't drain,... Read more

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deckover defeats the purpose of preserving your pressure treated deck. i have been in woodworking business all my life. The product actually traps moisture thus paint peeling and eventually rot will occur. I noticed several wet spots on deck in dry weather and actually... Read more

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Best Dental Office and Dentist in town. Excellent experience and their dental care is the best. Great Staff. Recommend to anybody! Will be back definitely with all my family and friends. Dentist is the best practitioner and clinical expert that I ever seen. Spent... Read more

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In my opinion, this financial institution would not recognize good service if they fell over it. I waited over six weeks for ny loan and my folder loan folder exceeds one and one quarter inches of paperwork submitted for the loan. I might also add My wife and I made... Read more

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