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Though my wife had surgery to have the spikes that the tooth sit on implanted the same day and, was given beautiful temporary tooth, it's been eight month and count and, she still doesn't have her permanent tooth yet. About every six week she goes in for evaluation, I... Read more

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I went through the process of consultation. After I chose the hair texture, style, etc. I was told to wear the hair piece overnight so they can make any adjustments the next day. Well, after wearing the custom wig overnight I realized I couldn't wear a wig 24/7; plus,... Read more

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We decided to move to Ohio and build a home for our retirement. I looked at a number builders sites and chose Schumacher based on the number and types of plans on their web site. I drove from Texas to the Circleville, Ohio office to view a home and meet with one of... Read more

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So, in June we decided to get my mom one of these tubs so that she could start taking a bath again also shower and wash her hair. I have to say that the tub is nice. BUTTTTTTT when she discovered that she could not work the handle to take a shower it was very... Read more

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Advance Auto Parts - Bad Customer service,,,Complaint
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I have been a customer at Advance Auto parts for years, but today Sept 4th 2016 I went in to one of your stores in Dumfries, VA store #8673 to purchase a battery for my truck with a cost of $160-180. The cashier that attended me named Patrick W. at the time of checkout... Read more

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My wife had a Discover loan - THEY factored it to $X. over 12 months which we had deducted from our account automatically. Apparently, after 6 months, they stopped. We didn't notice; we have LIVES to lead. They couldn't bother to send overdue notices or ANYTHING... Read more

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I have not had my glasses two months (fitted by an inexperienced and undertrained employee who didn't get the sight right for my progressive lenses, now I can't see at night very well) when the lens fell out on Thursday. I took it to JCPenny Optical on Friday to have... Read more

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May 28th,2016 Folks, I have been a Cascade user for many, many years. I recently purchased the Cascade Complete (90 Fresh Scent Pacs) and tried opening the container this AM. As soon as I put my finger in the small loop to pull around, the circle itself tore apart. I... Read more

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brought a 2002 430sc from them after about five months rear bumber started to peel and fall off of car to car to bodyshop to have it fixed out of my pocket because things happen after removing rear bumber it appeared that car had been hit in the rear bumber had been... Read more

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you took the H2 channel off and put some ridiculous VICELAND channel on..? do you ever think to ask the paying customers what they want before changing? now I've not only lost the channel I watch the most but I'm paying for ANOTHER channel I don't watch..! you told me... Read more

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