We decided to move to Ohio and build a home for our retirement. I looked at a number builders sites and chose Schumacher based on the number and types of plans on their web site. I drove from Texas to the Circleville, Ohio office to view a home and meet with one of... Read more

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Though my wife had surgery to have the spikes that the tooth sit on implanted the same day and, was given beautiful temporary tooth, it's been eight month and count and, she still doesn't have her permanent tooth yet. About every six week she goes in for evaluation, I... Read more

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I went through the process of consultation. After I chose the hair texture, style, etc. I was told to wear the hair piece overnight so they can make any adjustments the next day. Well, after wearing the custom wig overnight I realized I couldn't wear a wig 24/7; plus,... Read more

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We found our HOC so we accepted a Contract on 10/1/14 with NACA member, with a closing date of 10/3/14. Did not Close; buyer needed extension until 10/15/14 Did not Close Again... Buyer and Buyers Realtor needed extension until 10/31/14... Did not Close (No Clear To... Read more

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Advance Auto Parts - Bad Customer service,,,Complaint
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I have been a customer at Advance Auto parts for years, but today Sept 4th 2016 I went in to one of your stores in Dumfries, VA store #8673 to purchase a battery for my truck with a cost of $160-180. The cashier that attended me named Patrick W. at the time of checkout... Read more

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brought a 2002 430sc from them after about five months rear bumber started to peel and fall off of car to car to bodyshop to have it fixed out of my pocket because things happen after removing rear bumber it appeared that car had been hit in the rear bumber had been... Read more

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I have not had my glasses two months (fitted by an inexperienced and undertrained employee who didn't get the sight right for my progressive lenses, now I can't see at night very well) when the lens fell out on Thursday. I took it to JCPenny Optical on Friday to have... Read more

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I'm currently an employee at the Domino's situated in Dumfries, Virginia. The store address is 5159 Waterway Dr, Dumfries VA 22025. There are several incidences that have occurred and have been extremely disheartening as I was recommended to work at Domino's as I... Read more

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I am currently about 3 weeks late. I have tried making payment over the phone that they would not accept. I also asked for my payoff so my bank can send over a cashier's check for the full amount owed. They stated they wanted a crazy amount just for a payment and never... Read more

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Review about Lustine Dodge Of Woodbridge Service Department from Dumfries, Virginia
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Took it in for a recall. And 4 days later....Left with screws in my battery, rear cup holders improperly installed and needing a new radiator ((see the pics)) Spoke to several managers and recieved the run around and excuses, however no one seems to understand there... Read more

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