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Ups - Damaged electronic equipment 2.8 UPS Truck driver mishandled a small crate with rental electronic equipment. Last 2 times parts inside the equipment were completely dislodge which... First Watch - I could have died! 1.0 I work 7 days a week and have been for over 17 when I overpay to go somewhere that is only open sometimes and have to wait over an hour... Bad customer treatment at Advance Auto parts store Chantilly, VA 2.1 Is that what advance auto part management would like to see? such actions? Would this imply good ethics standards between employees, clients,... Resolved My Redfin Agent Irene DeLeon costs me thousands of dollars 1.7 I relied on my agent at Redfin to stay on top of everything. She didn't which costs me several thousands of dollars. I have a tenant occupied condo... Aamco - The know-it-all manager does not know-it-all! 1.2 Stay away! The know-it all manager does not know it all. A year and a half ago, I took my '91 VW Vanagon here to have a transmission replaced. I... Lasership - Driver said no delivery made due to unsafe neighborhood 2.5 Apparently the driver decided not to show up and his reason for no delivery is he attempted delivery but area was unsafe. Strange except I live in a... Resolved HelloFresh - No delivery, no customer service 1.0 I've always had trouble with Lasership with my Amazon shipments, but usually with them delivering way past 8pm (the latest one was 10:30 at night on... Dissatisfied Customer of Long Fence 2.3 Early in the summer of 2016, a lawn mower threw a stone which struck one of the vertical vinyl pieces of my Long Fence breaking a large segment out...