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Much like the other reviews here, they put me through the ringer. Forms, tax returns, bank statements, W-2's, etc. One step at a time. So first fill out forms. 3 days later, ask for w-2's. 3 days later, ask for tax returns, etc. I have a credit score of 780 (higher... Read more

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Once I realized that buying followers was a thing, I immediately searched google for the top companies that offered this service. I wish I had chosen fast followers first because no other company has responded to one of my emails. Before I even made an account I... Read more

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I agree with other posts on this website that there are serious problems with Cartus. I used them as an employee of the FDIC and found that while they were quite demanding when it came to their requests, that they were borderline incompetent as a relocation company. ... Read more

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I applied for a job through one of their postings on Indeed. Salary looked great, job description was right up my alley. Got a phone call later that day after applying by a guy named Nico. He did a normal phone screening and forward information to the company. Not a... Read more

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I ordered ThingCharger last year and was told it would be shipped this year. When I hadn't heard from them for some time I decided to write them. In August I was given a link by 'Melody Harris' where I would enter my shipping information. I followed the instructions... Read more

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My experience with Bankers Life Insurance. A few years ago my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. After the treatment failed she was sent to a hospice. My dad had taken out a long term care policy with Bankers Life Insurance Company about 10 years previously so they... Read more

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I can not believe this. I wish I came across this website BEFORE I decided to order with Avas Flowers. I ordered flowers for my grandmothers 89th birthday. What I ordered was the Deluxe Everlasting Soothing Lavender Bouquet paying $52.99 (not counting additional... Read more

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I wish I had seen this website before I purchased my treadmill. It took almost a month to arrive, but I assembled it (not without a few issues) and it runs. I had to retap the hole for the frame mounted ground screw, since it wasn't properly done at the factory. ... Read more

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Absolutely worst customer service on the planet!!!!! Have called 6 times for service and no one has called back!!! Finally got an email that they would call but no one ever did???? This is the service department from *** !!!!!! Been on the phone on hold for hours and... Read more

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TAN lies about what they offer for their vacations, the vacations are always full and it is impossible to ever book anything. On top of that, the locations are awful and there is always an extra fee just to take a vacation that should already be "paid" for with the... Read more

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