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Sears Auto Center - Sears not honoring their warranty 2.0 I bought a Die Hard battery. It is the Platinum 31M marine battery AGM model with 1150 CCA. It is advertised as having a warranty of 3 years. I... OptumRx - Pure frustration!!!!! well i've just changed my mind about optum rx!!!!! i was going to sign up with them until I read the reviews!!!!! actually I was a little leary... Dun and Bradstreet serves what purpose exactly? Past 23 years D&B has tried in vain to get information and data regarding my company. I flat out refuse to provide information to company who in turn... Oliver Grace Customer Care Review from South Burlington, Vermont 1.0 I've been waiting for a refund for over 2 months on a junky jumpsuit that probably cost $15 to make and retails for $180. Like others, I've battled... Beachbody - Still Charging my Credit Card even though I did all steps! Not happy with Beachbody company at the moment. They are quick to answer you back IF YOUR BUYING THEIR PRODUCTS, BUT beware, if you canceling any... Merrill Lynch has failed us. 1.0 My wife had a small investment account created when she was a child that was put under the care of her loving uncle until she turned 18. When my wife... Dresslily Online Order Review from South Burlington, Vermont I ordered a bunch of stuff over a month ago and still haven't gotten nothing. Please call me at 8603107584 Amerisave - Makes you want to punch a baby unicorn 3.4 My experience with AmeriSave was horrible from beginning until the end.

I will preface this by saying that this Refi should have been a slam dunk. We...