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Steve Madden - New Shoes Arrived Worn
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I ordered a pair of new shoes off of the website. They arrived quickly, which was nice. Unfortunately when I opened the shoe box the shoes have been worn. Not just a little bit, but a lot! I have reached out to the customer service department at least 5 times with... Read more

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I have had numerous issues with my 2013 Sunseeker 3170 DS. I have a leak somewhere in the coach that allows carbon monoxide to get trapped inside the coach. My CO detector alarms and seems to be working fine. I had the fire department double-check to make sure it... Read more

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I wish I had read the posts on this site before I sent my phone to Gazelle, as I too was hit with their bait and switch. I sent in a FLAWLESS iPhone 5 in perfect operating condition. I even took macro photographic pictures of the front, back and every side of the... Read more

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This company is a typical fraud enterprise that preys on people with the enticement of a $1.00 search and then unconscionably advises you of a hidden 5 day cancellation charge in their web site. It is atrocious that the state of California and the US Government would... Read more

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I called Traveler's Advantage because that is what I knew I signed up for after buying a ticket through Allegiant Air.I called because I had cancelled it and I was still seeing charges on my account. They asked me what the description on my statement was and when I... Read more

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I arrived at my interview 30 minutes early. The interviewer was the manager of the business. He led me to believe I was a good candidate and to be prepared to come in the following morning. He said he would call me by 6:00 pm that evening and never did. The... Read more

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I am throughly unimpressed with this company, is business practices, the way they treat their customers and consultants and their overall inability to supply the items they claim to have! The owners use of profanity and vulgarity can challenge a sailor! But when she... Read more

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Had a JASPER gas Engine Installed.5.9 for a Dodge 1500. It had Top end chattering noise within the first 10 miles! Jasper replaced the lifters but the mechanic was unhappy because Jasper only pays $60.00 per hour. He said he had to eat some labor cost.Still have the... Read more

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I called to have internet installed in my house, the day it was to be installed the installer showed up to my house and did not even knock on the door. He put his ladder up on the side of my house and before i could even get my shoes on to go and talk to his he had... Read more

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I have nothing but positive things to say about this company. My sunglasses arrived surprisingly quickly and were well-packaged, complete with the original box, case, and a certificate of authenticity. Customer service was fast to respond and really helpful with any... Read more

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