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I went to best buy on 12/9/2011 to check their "price matching". I was in the market for a 50" + TV. Target had the same TV as best buy. Target wanted 549 for it, best buy wanted 799 for it. When i asked for the price match they stated it was not the same TV since the model number was off by 1. After a bit of arguing ( since the product description in both stores was IDENTICAL ) they price matched it. GREAT im feeling good. Now the salesman... Read more

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Randy, We are sorry that you have waited so long for the results. After over 65,000 procedure the vast majority of our patients are very happy with their results and Sono Bello. We are committed to your results. Give your local office a call to discuss your concerns or feel free to reach out to us at Read more

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I love this camper. we bought our rig (992) in 2013 when we retired. We drove it 8039 miles from Salt Lake City to Alaska and back. You need to have a basic understanding of how a rig ought to function. Thankfully my wife had had experience in a prior life. I had none. Our camper has performed marvelously. Couldn't find any better folks to deal with. The price we paid for not only essential items but some stuff we really wanted was a value based... Read more

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Interesting that the reviews on this site show a pattern of poor customer service. I'm stuck with a four thousand dollar couch that has fallen apart and is miserable to sit on after 6-8 months of use. In fact, this is the 2nd repair. Although it's under warranty, Sofa Mart and it's management have refused to fix the couch properly (after numerous visits) and are refusing to replace it. When I first called, they flat out told me that I... Read more

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I have had numerous issues with my 2013 Sunseeker 3170 DS. I have a leak somewhere in the coach that allows carbon monoxide to get trapped inside the coach. My CO detector alarms and seems to be working fine. I had the fire department double-check to make sure it wasn't a faulty detector or other type chemical or exhaust that was causing it. They showed high carbon monoxide readings when it was in alarm. I am also having problems with my propane... Read more

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I wish I had read the posts on this site before I sent my phone to Gazelle, as I too was hit with their bait and switch. I sent in a FLAWLESS iPhone 5 in perfect operating condition. I even took macro photographic pictures of the front, back and every side of the phone to prove it was perfect before I sent it. I'd been quoted $85 for it, but received an e-mail within days stating that "Due to undisclosed wear and scratches found on the unit,"... Read more

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This company is a typical fraud enterprise that preys on people with the enticement of a $1.00 search and then unconscionably advises you of a hidden 5 day cancellation charge in their web site. It is atrocious that the state of California and the US Government would allow these people to continue in business. BEWARE OF THESE CROOKS!!!!! AT THE BEGINNING OF MY CALL TO THEIR $10.00 AN HOUR CALL CENTER INDIVIDUAL (PAKISTAN), HE TOLD ME THE CALL... Read more

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I called Traveler's Advantage because that is what I knew I signed up for after buying a ticket through Allegiant Air.I called because I had cancelled it and I was still seeing charges on my account. They asked me what the description on my statement was and when I said it was TLG Shoppers they said "That is from a different company, I can transfer you to them if you would like." If it is a different company how can you transfer me? They... Read more

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I arrived at my interview 30 minutes early. The interviewer was the manager of the business. He led me to believe I was a good candidate and to be prepared to come in the following morning. He said he would call me by 6:00 pm that evening and never did. The interviewer did not ask me many questions about my past experience and when I asked him pertinent questions about the position he gave me broad, not detailed overviews. I got the... Read more

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I am throughly unimpressed with this company, is business practices, the way they treat their customers and consultants and their overall inability to supply the items they claim to have! The owners use of profanity and vulgarity can challenge a sailor! But when she threatoned my friends son, she REALLY went to far! And all because my friend politely enquired why she didn't receive her commission check! It was one of the most outrageous things... Read more

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