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Xidax - Awesome Rig! 5.0 XIDAX is amazing and is by far the leading gaming PC company! I have mine it is completely what I ordered and it performs awesome. Customer service... Oneexchange - Overpayment Notices 1.0 I had no complaints, until March of this year when my father died: two days after his death, I notified OneExchange. They sent a form that I was to... CriCut - Disappointed 4.0 I am pretty disappointed with the new Cricut Design Space. I am most frustrated with the Canvas feature no longer being available. I used this... Cricut Design Space 1.0 This is the worst. They hold you hostage pretty much. Unless they are willing to play nice you can't do anything. So many times they have been down... DO NOT BUY CRICUT - DESIGN SPACE SUCKS 1.5 Design Space, their online project editor that you are forced to use, does not work well at all. I've yet to open it without an issue. I have spent... Landmark Home Warranty - You have to love the worn out generic responses... 1.0 If Landmark responded to their customers as quickly as they provide sugarcoated generic responses to customer complaints and online reviews, maybe... Landmark Home Warranty - Don't buy a home warranty from Landmark 1.1 Disappointing to say the least. It's like pulling teeth to get Landmark or their substandard contractors to fix anything. Final straw was when they... Oneexchange - Finally Sent to Escalation! My husband is retired from General Electric, and last year they threw all the retirees on Medicare into this nightmare. Didn't have too many problems...