I don't think I even need to bother with ordering from Dimeo Farms after reading the CONSISTENT reviews of the rude customer service. I considered ordering but concerned about asking ANY questions. I would rather pay more to WALMART as I don't expect any expert advice.... Read more

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Your customer service representative named Portland is one of the rudest individuals I have ever experienced. Was not able to cummunicate with her. She should not be in that position. I called to try discuss my deceased parents account balance and as the result of... Read more

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I was seduced to this product by "give-away" promotion. Skeptical, I read the fine print and did not find any of the typical red-flags. However, one month later, there was a 78.85 charge on my bank statement. When I called the company and told them that I did not want... Read more

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There is an Internet company (www.internetpostingjobs.com) which is a total scam. I was looking for a home based business (which I believe many are scams to get your money) which a lot of people are doing to try and make ends meet. I saw this website that stated all... Read more

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www.spsreviewforum.com Forum Scam www.spsreviewforum.com Forum Scam Exposed The scam Spsreviewforum.com was established in 2012, spsreviewforum.com is a psychic reading and spell casting review forum. We had found that spsreviewforum.com website is a scam becauses... Read more

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Been with Straight talk from August 2012 on, phone works great, no complaints with the phone itself but the so called customer service is ***. When our first month of pre paid service ( which we paid instore with the card for $45+ tax ) was a week from expiring, I was... Read more

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Go anywhere but Henry Day Ford! We purchased a new 2013 F350 truck with service plan. We took it in for its 5000 mile service and were told the next day, that a ghost dropped the truck off the service lift in the middle of the night. Within a few days we were told that... Read more

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Rebath - 8 months and still unfinished
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I signed a contract with Re-Bath 8 months ago and I am still waiting for my project to be completed and the repairs done to the areas they damaged during construction. The service has been terrible and the workmanship poor. Here are a few issues- they initially plumbed... Read more

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I am seeing one or two bad reviews on Arbonne and their products... I've got to say.. I'm afraid many of you who have had bad experienced with MLMs may have not approached it with the right mind sight. Or you just didn't ask the right questions in the beginning. Being... Read more

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I tried to believe and bought the G-force chip for my Ford truck. My Ford dealer laughed when I showed it to him along with their promises . I decided to return the chip for the full refund G-force advertised. Get this! I paid $74.95 for the chip. I was refunded... Read more

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