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CenturyLink Makes Unilateral Changes 1.0 CenturyLink's technician was in the area of my house and the tech decided to unilaterally (without my consent) change my internet speed from 7 to... Red Robin - Worst service ever 3.3 First of all we walked in and the hostess just came out of the bathroom in her bra, getting a shirt out of a bag on the chair, put it on and then... Regis Corporation - Do not work here 1 out of 100 are unhappy if that many 3.9 I was a part-time employee in the SmartStyle store I was working in. After the manager put in a two week notice two other stylist put in their... Select Portfolio Servicing - DIscharge Of Mortgage 1.0 I have been taking to sps servicing for months now. All they do is give you the run around every time you call them. My note holder is first franklin... Fye - Customer service and bad purchase 1.2 Iam getting married wanted to choose our own wedding songs so i downliaded them on fye websire to mix cds there were alot og songs so i ended up with... Nugenix - NOT GOOD I was a dummy and thought I could get a sample and try it. Tried it didn't do anything so I figure, well I just won't buy any. About 1 month... Nugenix - Got charged $74.98 for free Sample. Signed up for a free sample then got charged $74.98 and they're saying that after 18 days you get put into a monthly subscription I'm sorry... Snapfish - Unsatisfied 1.0 We kept getting cut off four times so I couldn't complete my request. I placed an order Sunday night and couldn't see where to put the promo code...