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Resolved Delta Airlines flight 671, June 29, 2017 2.2 We were waiting on our connecting flight from Salt Lake City to Spokane, WA which was supposed to leave at 11:30 AM. We were told at the gate that... Select Portfolio Servicing - Insurance claim they want me to pay for!! in February 2017 a tornado came through and damaged my property, a check was sent with both my name and mortgage, so I had to send the check back to... Urban Talent Management - A total waste of TIME!!! 1.0 This company is not even worth the time to check it out. Both my daughters were represented by them, my older daughter did a movie once and a dumb... 911 Restoration - Terrible Contacted Brian and he said he was at another job but would call us a few hours later and come over to our house. We had raw sewage flooding our... Salt lake valley Chrysler jeep Dodge Ram 1.0 To whom it may concern, On May 31st 2017, I was having trouble with my 2016 Ram 2500 as it was leaking Anti Freeze and with a loss of power I was... Select Portfolio Servicing - Be Very Afraid 1.0 My mortgage was sold to them in January 2017. Since that time I have had to call them more than 10 times because shady things keep showing up. One... Waste Management - Worst Customer Service 1.0 Do Not sign a contract with this company. They are the most unprofessional managed company on the planet. The fee to cancel service is completely... Sears Home Services - Sears Home Service never showed for scheduled apt 1.5 We made the mistake of calling Sears Appliance Repair in Salt Lake to have our Whirlpool washing machine fixed when it stopped working (Door latch...