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I don't think I even need to bother with ordering from Dimeo Farms after reading the CONSISTENT reviews of the rude customer service. I considered ordering but concerned about asking ANY questions. I would rather pay more to WALMART as I don't expect any expert advice.... Read more

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There is an Internet company ( which is a total scam. I was looking for a home based business (which I believe many are scams to get your money) which a lot of people are doing to try and make ends meet. I saw this website that stated all... Read more

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I was seduced to this product by "give-away" promotion. Skeptical, I read the fine print and did not find any of the typical red-flags. However, one month later, there was a 78.85 charge on my bank statement. When I called the company and told them that I did not want... Read more

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As a very recent former employee who left voluntarily after 7 years of witnessing underhanded and deceptive practices to not only customers but employees as well, I decided I would rather be unemployed than continue working for Comcast. The constant daily verbal abuse... Read more

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I took out a loan for $300. I agreed to an interest payment of $105. I agreed to pay in full $405. They only took out the $105. I called to explain that they were to take out the $405 which means they only should have taken out $300. more since they already took the... Read more

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I tried to believe and bought the G-force chip for my Ford truck. My Ford dealer laughed when I showed it to him along with their promises . I decided to return the chip for the full refund G-force advertised. Get this! I paid $74.95 for the chip. I was refunded... Read more

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I ordered a free trial of colon cleanse premier for just the cost of shipping about 3 weeks ago. Today I got a charge for $77.86. I spent an hour on the phone with them and they refunded half of the charge saying there was nothing more they could do since they had to... Read more

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Been with Straight talk from August 2012 on, phone works great, no complaints with the phone itself but the so called customer service is ***. When our first month of pre paid service ( which we paid instore with the card for $45+ tax ) was a week from expiring, I was... Read more

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Law Offices of Craig Hosay 21 West Airy Street Norristown These are the people doing class action agains Saxon. Join the fight!! They will send you a questionairre to fill out and you can join in on class action against saxon for I believe no cost. We can win - same... Read more

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Do not purchase compputers from this store and do not purchase any Office Assurance Warranties. They are bunch of bull! I purchased a $1200 laptop from Office Max in Henderson, Nevada in June of 2006. I also purchased a complete office of furniture, etc. The computer... Read more

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