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Vivint Solar - Worst company I have ever done business with 1.2 There are two problems. First problem was a safety issue. Vivint solar owns the panels on our house, was not willing to make them safe by installing... Response to a review done on 6.25.2017 Rodan and Fields rating of 4.9 1.0 Its appalling that this is your post. Many customers have been taken advantage of by corporate and consultants! When orders have been processed when... Levolor - No quality control 1.0 I ordered 11 Levolor custom mini blinds from Lowe's. I inspected all of them right before I was about to install them, much to my surprise they were... Rodan and Fields - Still waiting for refund after returning product almost 30days ago 1.0 Rodan and Fields couldn't locate my return even though tracking showed it was left with an individual at their company that was on 5/10/17, I still... Wayfair - Drastic Price Reduction 2.5 Ordered a Christmas wreath and it came while I was on vacation. Came back, opened the box and the wreath was fine. Noticed online it dropped from $71... Irs - My Refund is being held up over a Form that I was not required to file I filed my taxes on 02/02/2017, I was forwarded a letter at the end of February requesting for me to file Form 5405. I purchased my home in 2008, it... Levolor cordless shades are junk 1.0 several failed during the warranty and even more failed after the warranty. I will never buy another Levolor product again. Springs come apart, break... GoldenWest Credit Union - Class Action Lawsuit 1.0 Golden West Credit Union Charges Excessive Overdraft Fees to Members that Don't Deserve them I am a Class Representative with the law firm that I am...