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Lexington Law - Liars and thieves 1.0 Very rude, dont do the work, lie to you, it takes days and to reach them; unless your going to be a new sucker to hand away your hard earned and get... Lexington Law - Scam artist 1.0 This company is a complete scam and rip off they say they will help remove items from your credit score and will lie and say they have sent out... Lexington Law - Glad i came here --- but was late----lexington is a waste of money 1.8 I signed up for lexington law because Credit Karma recommended it due to having low credit scores. I stayed with them for 5 months and had 1 inquiry... Lexington Law - Stoled my Money 1.0 I asked for the $60 ($120 for two people) and they took $200 from my account instead. I called to complain and get my money back but instead they... Lexington Law - Long Drawn Out Lies I hired this firm over 1 year ago and was impressed in the beginning. Things did come off but found out that they came right back on 5 months later... ZERO Negative Items Removed by Lexington Law!! 1.0 My husband and I used this service for about 5 months and threw away around $500 doing so. Lexington Law did not remove one SINGLE thing from my... Western Union - Money Transfer Review from North Salt Lake, Utah 1.0 I thought western union will be much better than moneygram but i was mistaken,terrible registering complicated to register.they have complicated... Paul Mitchell Schools - Customer Care Review from North Salt Lake, Utah 1.4 I don't understand how someone f could mistake getting my haircut in signing up for school I think it's very rude how they responded when I said that...