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Camping World - FREEDOM ELITE 29FE Bought the motorhome and immediately realized it needed a second battery; no big deal as RV was already scheduled to come into service before we left... Rise Broadband - Could not provide internet so tried to charge me $195 for early termination-do not let this happen to you! 1.2 In September 2016, I had to move and called to move service and was told they did not provide it in the area and so I had to pay the etf of $195 and... Avoid Rise Broadband! Crappy download speeds for too much money and hidden contracts! 1.1 I'm in the same boat. I suffered with 5 or less MB down and barely two up, which was fine when the service was under Digis and it was only $50/month... Rise Broadband - Terrible Service 1.1 Terrible ISP, even worse than comcast. Slow and inconsistent speeds, any data cap sucks let alone a measly 250 gb, spotty service and signal. Had... Rise Broadband - Did not deliver Roku as promised as part of their two year contract :( 3.4 Rise enticed me to sign up for their two year contract by offering a Roku. They never sent the Roku. I contacted them 5 times on the issue. Here's a... Screaming Owl - Shipping Service Review from Kaysville, Utah 1.0 Ordered a diaper bag in June. They didn't ship it until October. Do yourself a favor and buy from literally anywhere else. 911 Restoration Water Damage Restoration Review from Kaysville, Utah 1.2 I called them last Friday July 15 to fix a leakage in the basement of one of our units. They gave me a quote $1,000 - $1,500. I found a bit high but... American Homes 4 Rent - Do not deal with American Homes for Rent I have never posted a comment about a company that I have had dealings with except for American Homes for Rent and this is the second post that I have...