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Prestige Financial - Horrible Customer Service 1.0 I called these fools back to let them know I would be paying car note on the 22 of the month when I'm paid, this idot informed me he did not care... EBAY Management LIARS !! 2.5 Briefly.. Ebay told me, supply them with Post Office Fax, that they lost package, Containing 3 carbide lamps that were antiques from the turn of the... Crest Financial - Avoid doing business with Crest. 1.1 I agreed to financing (disguised as a lease) with Crest. They were true to agreement and I never missed a payment up to the point where I tried to... Ebay - Customer service 1.0 I am filing a complaint about an operator at ebay who cussed at me when I tried to cancel an invoice that was sent by the seller to me. First he hung... Prestige Financial - No problem if you pay your bills 4.0 We all are with this company because they finance high risk people. I found the company to be easy to deal with. Just pay your bill. I work in an... Progressive Leasing - No problems 3.5 I was approved for a loan by progressive. When I chose the item I wanted to purchase the salesman explained to me in entirely, Progressive payment... DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH CREST FINANCIAL....RIP OFF!!!! 1.0 We leased a mattress set using Crest Financial. I made a huge mistake by not reading online reviews before I signed the agreement. For a $750... Crest Financial - Not reporting to the credit bureau's as I was told they were! I purchased a mattress set and chose Crest over the other payment options so I could use it to rebuild my credit . I have not had any issues with the...