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First of all we live in an apartment complex that is supposed to be "luxury". Yeah right! The appliances in my parents 1980's built house are newer than what I have. Furthermore I pay around $1700 a month for the lovely management in the office to let me know that they... Read more

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I purchased a leather Recliner/Rocker Glider for my wife last week. Asked if I could buy it on the plan they had advertised all over the store showing no payments until 2020. Sure Nadene said, I filled out the all the paperwork and was approved. They didn't have the... Read more

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I went to the Webster, Tx location off the Gulf Coast Fwy expecting to has a nice lunch and left upset! I order an appetizer to come out before my food, it came out all together! I asked for honey BBQ wings I received chipotle! My husband ordered a meal w/ fries, she... Read more

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i couldn't afford more than the $700- $800. So after i finished or maybe it was before my dental work i received the printout from the coordinator for the dental work it showed THEY FINANCED $1200 When the total work done for that day and no other needed work showed I... Read more

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Bel Furniture - Perfect Experience
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I went to Bel to purchase a sofa and loveseat. I was greeted by a salesman and given his name should I need assistance. He left me alone to walk around the store and that is greatly appreciated. If I had a question, I located him and he thoroughly answered any... Read more

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Spent 2500 bucks to finish rebuilding my Mustang - thought these guys were great at first - in fact I was referred to them by a close friend who used to know one of the guys that worked there.. Unfortunately this wasn't the case.. Horrible communication.. These guys... Read more

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  • Sep 23, 2016
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No restroom? Managers are idiots. And especially how they run the store. Good thing lynett left. She was a good boss

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I feel so sorry for anyone who finds that Conn's is their last option for purchasing anything. I used a VISA credit card to buy appliances from them. When the washer died on day one, they couldn't fix it, but they had a 30 day return policy before my card would be... Read more

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I took my daughter's flute in for repair/cleaning on Dec. 18th, after 11 days I had not heard anything from them so called to check on it. Was told hers was sixth in line and should be ready later that day. Did not hear from them so called the next day (30th) and... Read more

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my package was supposedly left at my door at 9:39 p.m. I was home , 5 feet from the door, but no one knocked. I got an email at 12:10 a.m. saying the package was delivered. I look outside and no package just a note saying it was delivered. So either the driver kept... Read more

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