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So I kept having periods of no internet. called and they sent a tech out. He was unable to get me a closer tower so he replaced the unit on the roof. He said if I wanted faster internet I should dig a hole, pour concrete in it and install a pole and upgrade to the... Read more

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BMG is a company built on lies and deceit. Their whole business model is to pray on the helpless and designed to squeeze you for everything they can. Simply put, they sell you a car knowing it is a lemon, broke, has major issues. They doctor it up in house to get it... Read more

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2015. Jayco seneca 37fk poor attention to detail. Wiring not tied up banging against fuel tanks, no rubber grommets where wiring comes into cab, no protective cover rubbing on sharp metal, under carpet ton of loose screws in trough with wiring, cabinet doors... Read more

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Went into the Target in Weatherford at 9:45 am to the food area that opened at 9:00 am. A young girl named Taylor was working behind the counter. When I asked for help she rolled her eyes and complained under her breath. I requested an item on the menu to be told we... Read more

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I have since Nov.2015 trying to get a mortgage release/Deed in Lieu for a property that I had owned in NC I have sent form after form after form to these people with NO RESULTS!! My last resort was to contact the NC Att. Gen. office today after again talking with... Read more

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This is the single worst ISP I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with. I wouldn't recommend these thieving rats to my worst enemy. They have never once provided the amount of bandwidth stipulated in our contract. It's supposed to be 4mb down, but I'm... Read more

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I am a consultant because I like the laundry products, but I do not sell or promote it anymore. One year when the new fall catalogs came out, I accidentally ordered the summer catalogs and as soon as the order went through I realized what I had done and called. I was... Read more

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Horrible company to work for both internally and as a temp. Company does not value their employees or show any recognition. Company has poor management and does not know how to communicate well with the team or be a proper leader. Better off working with another temp...

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A good friend took his car to this Maaco and just had a terrible time. The hood of the car has pockmarks all over it. Unfortunately, they refused to correct the flaws. We took it to two different body shps who confirmed that this was extremely poor quality... Read more

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I have bid on over 20 home inspection jobs and have never received one response. I truly believe that these job requests are bogus or at best some are bottom feeder buyers. DO NOT WASTE TIME OR MONEY ON THUMBTACK!!! These people play on business's trying to get started... Read more

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