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BRAUMS WEATHERFORD, TX .........WHERES THE BEEF/BUN!!!!!!!!!! BAD CORPORATE DECISION 1.0 BRAUMS WEATHERFORD, TEXAS THE BUNS HAVE CHANGED FLAVOR AND THE MEAT PATTY SHRUNK. COMPLAINED TO CORPORATE, BASICALLY WAS TOLD THAT THEY DOWNSIZE THE... ATT - Never received credits on my installment plan on my bill 1.6 I purchased an IPhone 7 back in Sept 2016 and AT&T had a promotion that when I sent my old phone back to them I would received monthly installment... Target - Worst customer service in history!!!!!!!! 3.1 Went into the Target in Weatherford at 9:45 am to the food area that opened at 9:00 am. A young girl named Taylor was working behind the counter.... Seterus - BS Company Stay far far away 1.4 I have since Nov.2015 trying to get a mortgage release/Deed in Lieu for a property that I had owned in NC I have sent form after form after form to... Directv - The worst service experience of my life! At this point I consider Direct TV to be a threat to my life. Just thinking about it can raise my blood pressure to dangerous levels. I had UVerse for... Patriot Health Alliance - Super Greens the real deal 5.0 I started taking this stuff very skeptically but was feeling tired at the end of my busy days. After taking for 6 weeks straight, and then going on... Bmg Auto Customer Care Review from Weatherford, Texas 1.0 BMG is a company built on lies and deceit. Their whole business model is to pray on the helpless and designed to squeeze you for everything they can.... Rise Broadband - Worst ISP to ever exist. This is the single worst ISP I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with. I wouldn't recommend these thieving rats to my worst enemy. They...