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Sonic - Bad service 2.6 I stood in line waiting for the family infront of me to decide what they wantd for my cup of ice when there was another register that could have been... Dr Horton - "America's Builder" 1.3 If "America's Builder" means half-assed work completed by inexpensive unskilled laborers, then I guess they nailed it on the head. I currently own a... Dhgate - Mickey Costume Review from Waxahachie, Texas 1.0 This Company is a scam!!! Dont order from them!!! They will steal your money. Walmart - Customer Care Review from Waxahachie, Texas I was a victim in a racial profiling incident at my local Wal Mart, I was leaving the store after checking out when I was stopped by a man at the... Dr Horton - In s contract with them know 1.8 We are a mixed couple and have been looked over. We signed a contract in April and here it is 9 months later it not done. I am 29 weeks pregnant and... Pronto Insurance - Customer Care Review from Waxahachie, Texas 1.0 I was involved in accident with a insured vehicle with pronto insurance. This was in mid August and is now currently sept 19th. I have not been able... Lowes - Angry but i mean the p word 4.2
today I went to the place I always go for building and repair products first off I needed a key copied. As expected no one was at the counter
another customer arrived looking for Doorknobs. Security came by and noticed we were not being waited on and attempted to get help...
Spice4high - Shipping Service Review from Waxahachie, Texas 2.3 Never got product they nevr gave me traking number . i do believe that they kept my money. They will not reply to me at all