I'm 61 a active female with a full time job. Bought advocare products from my daughter's friend. After my first 24 day challenge, I decided to become a distributor just to get the discount. I don't push the product and believe everyone should check out ingredients... Read more

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Legacy Education Alliance - Be Smart and Run Away
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I am taking my time and effort to write this review hoping that one less person could be saved from a unnecessary financial disaster. There is no free lunch. The FREE workshop at the beginning was not free after all. $530 for 2 people for the three-day workshop that... Read more

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I've been wanting ovation for longer hair ever since I heard about this. My mom surprised me with my first kit from ovation. She and I wanted to try this together so we did. We started Oct. 2015 and the first 2 weeks, my hair was soft, volumized, bouncy, and my curls... Read more

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Greystar - Cockroaches
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Positives 1. location - near Klien Schools, near Meyer Park and St Ignatius, nice neighborhood 2. Residents are quiet and not near as unruly as the property next door 3. the maintenance man Ramiro is a good man. 4. They will work with broken leases 5. The appearance... Read more

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I was at a hotel two hour free seminar pitching the RE Mentors program when I observed an elderly man in the back of the room standing. He had asked Dave Lindahl if there were more chairs and while there was one chair available it was overcrowded by a very large man... Read more

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OmegaXL© has hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers who purchase our product every month due to its proven ability to relieve joint pain due to inflammation. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and we offer a Money Back Guarantee for the first 90 days... Read more

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I have to say the first class I was pumped and ready and they use this to pressure you into signing up. I had paid around $20 for the first few classes and was presented with a deal of a life time, only available that day price...I was assured that the location closest... Read more

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USPS Delivers Packages That Look Like THIS!!!
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I have been using USPS since opening my business in 1995. I used to have very little in the way of problems. Every year it's been getting worse and worse. Four years ago, I changed from jewelry bags to jewelry boxes because I had a couple of items destroyed. Two... Read more

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From: Cesar Tamez [mailto:cesart@keysteelwire.com] Sent: Monday, January 25, 2016 5:23 PM To: Kathy Delgado Subject: Worst Home Purchase Experience Mrs. Kathy Delgado, You may have noticed that we already did the closing of our house? or not? Seriously, I can not... Read more

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Universal Technical Institute's reply to:

Thank you for providing feedback regarding Universal Technical Institute (UTI). We are sorry your experience was not a positive one. UTI’s sincere desire to understand your frustration and our customer service representative is attempting to reach out to you directly... Read more

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