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I'm done with Sanger Pizza Hut I know this won't get read, but I want to help someone avoid the same disaster,, first time hour and half delivery time, I live five min from the... Suddenlink sucks 1.0 This is the sorriest internet connection known to man. The internet service cycles up and down at least 5 times a day. Everyone has been to my home... Spirit Airlines - Flight Review from Sanger, Texas 1.0 Never in my years of frequent travel, have I ever had such an inferior and disappointing experience. It was a costly error to try Spirit airlines, one... With Official Company Response Arriva Medical - Nobody know what they are doing 1.0 Aetna insurance sent my prescription to arriva the first week of February, I spent the next two weeks calling and getting a different story each... Brinkmann - Can't find model # 810-7090-S We have a new Brinkmann Electric smoker-grill, the red one, I've been trying for an hour to bring it up on your site so I can order a cover, but it's... Wesley Berry Flowers - FLOWERS STILL NOT DELIVERED AFTER 2 DAYS I THOUGHT I WAS CALLING A LOCAL FLORIST IN SANGER, TX - PAID ADDITIONAL FOR EXPRESS DELIVERY SO MY SISTER WOULD RECEIVE THE FLOWERS THE SAME DAY FOR H... Assemblers Inc - Seeking Class Action Lawsuit against previous employee Put my hardest work, dedication, and patients behind this company when I worked for them. They did not 1) properly calculate overtime; 2) Failed to pr... Stopzilla CANCELLED my lifetime subscription Stopzilla CANCELLED my lifetime subscription.
Some lifetime agreement they made with me!
If any company ever deserved a class action law suit against th...