I purchased a Duralast battery from Auto Zone and started having problems with it very quickly. The first time I encountered a problem, I called AAA. They tested the battery and told me it was bad. They offered to sell me a battery but told me that it didn't appear to be very old and suggested that I take it back to Auto Zone. I did and Auto Zone told me it was a good battery but they charged it. The battery worked for a while longer then I... Read more

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Find A Grave owner Jim Tipton is a thief he creates a website for members to add burial information thus creating so called "memorials" he uses these memorials for ad space and charges members to sponsor these memorials. He makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from the deaths of others loved ones and provides no service to the survivors. He and his administration have a set of so called "faq's" that only apply to a few. Find A... Read more

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I recently tried the netspend card and got my part time job check deposited on the card and it worked the first week and i have yet to received my other checks? anyone else have this problem and if so what did you do?? ive been seen that my company deposited the funds but have yet to received it i'm getting anxious and upset i wish i never would have tried their card because ive had nothing but trouble and their customer service sucks and... Read more

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Thank you for your feedback. We would like to speak with you directly about your experience but have been unable to reach you using the contact information you provided. We will continue to try to connect with you. Read more

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I was recently doing some research on my deceased father and found a picture of his headstone and his information on this site, Findagrave.com. After doing more research and looking into it, I realized that the person who posted it and made a "memorial" for my father is a stranger to not only my father; but, our family. I was appalled to see a link to "upgrade" his memorial and a link to pay to have ads removed. What kind of people profit off... Read more

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Interstate National Dealer Services -
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This company sends a "VEHICLE ALERT NOTICE" in the mail, urging recent car buyers to call the number provided within 5 business days. They try to get you to make a payment over the phone before even saying their company's name. This is a third party extended coverage company with some of the worst reviews in the industry. They will do everything they can to force you to make a payment over the phone so you are locked in. They will not let you... Read more

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After being a member for 6 years, 6 months, 20 days and contributing over 22, 000 memorials, over 67, 000 photos and fulfilling over 7500 photo request. I was targeted by a jealous member that had a friend that is a administrator. I sent the below email to Jim Tipton requesting a refund for the 10 memorials I sponsored. I have NEVER recieved a refund and all of my years of hard work remain on the site for Jim Tipton to profit from. DO NOT... Read more

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recently informed parent's at Del Webb HCR San Antonio in the Springs section have to relocate due to foundation issues after a very limited time in new construction. During conversion told not an isolated issue, other residents moving to either hotel or a new unoccupied residence until repairs can be fixed. Others, mostly widows, almost in tears mentioned same issues but afraid to complain or do not have funds for legal representation. ... Read more

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Sono Bello has helped more than 65,000 people achieve their desired results and our physicians ad staff are dedicated to quality patient care. Read more

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Sono Bello - Review about Liposuction from San Antonio, Texas
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Dear Anonymous, We are sorry you are not pleased with our services. The vast majority of our patients are happy they chose Sono Bello for their body contouring services. It sounds like another visit with your surgeon might be a good idea. If you would like to schedule an evaluation or a second opinion from another Sono Bello physician, please contact us at dirpc@sonobello.com Read more

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