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MONSIS MEXICAN RESTAURANT 1.7 monsis in rockport texas seems to be a shady establishment where the lare man who seems to be a owner or whatever is uncaring. he overcharged me and... MACs BBQ And Catering - LEFTOVERS 1.0 THE REASON I DIDNT GET A REFUND ON THE LEFTOVERS THEY FED US IS BECAUSE IF THEYRE IGNORANT ENOUGH TO FEED US SLOP THEN THEYRE NOT GOING TO CHANGE SO... MACs BBQ And Catering - LEFTOVERS AND SHORTCUTS 1.5 I KNEW WE WAS IN THE WRONG PLACE WHEN THE GUY USES A BABY ICE CREAM SCOOP TO PLOP DOWN THREE OUNCES OF POTATOE SALAD FOR A 14.00 PLATE. THE SAUSAGE... Speedy wash laundromat ROCKPORT TEXAS 1.0 aS SOON AS I WALKED IN WITH A LOAD WITHIN SECONDS SOME OLD WEIRDO MAN EMPLOYEE BURSTS UP TO ME TELLING ME HOW I NEED 8 WASHERS FOR A 3 WASHER AMOUNT... Walmart - Wiggins Farms 4031 watermelon 1.0 I will no longer attempt to purchase watermelons at walmart in Rockport, Texas. Having purchased my second watermelon and finding it not worth eating... Little Caesars Work Experience Review from Rockport, Texas My daughter went to work for Little Caesar in Rockport Tx a week ago. She came home from work today so upset. She said the manager was screaming at h... Cenla Psychic Center - Spam and erroneous postings 4.3 I came across this posting and read its content, and after doing some research I have found no such company in Oklahoma, these are obviously false... Champs Sports - Website Review from Rockport, Texas So I just had the worst experience with champs sports . there online services are horrible I went on line to order an item it was telling me it was...