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I applied with The Lending Club for a credit card consolidation loan. Which initially up front said I was approved for 60 percent of my requested amount. For over a week receiving 13 emails constantly asking for financial documentation to finalize credit approval to... Read more

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I've had to continually prove to them that I already have hazard insurance and it's been faxed over and over to them, and each time a rep says that they don't have it in their records; this includes supervisors and supposed "managers" ... My insurance company has had... Read more

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I've tried to get my alternator replaced which is under warranty, but they told the dealership that it was bad enough. Today, Ive been sitting on the side of the road for an hour and 45 min waiting on roadside assistance , Sterling Towing and Recovery to change my... Read more

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I was contacted about a home and financing. so for my second trip 30 miles away the person I was to have a appt. with wasn't there and the person that helped or so called helped did nothing but tell me what I had been told before. Being a veteran I had my certificate ... Read more

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I am a vet that worked for Banfield right out of school. At first I thought it was a good company and we were helping animals. Now I have seen the light and know what is going on. Banfield severely overbooks and understaffs their clinics. There were days I would see... Read more

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I posted the original review entitled "Graceland Portable Buildings - Stay away from Graceland again, more interested in initial sale than customer service". The same day I posted the review I also sent an email to the corporate office essentially talling them... Read more

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Vivid Seats Canelo Alvarez Vs Liam Smith Event Ticket Review from Richardson, Texas
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I purchased tickets on this site (vivid Seats) and received downgraded tickets to a section I would have never bought. I tried to call but they only take phone calls for events the day of or day before. All others have to email and wait at least 24 hours for a... Read more

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So I tried to order a bottle of this $14.99 bottle with a "FREE" double of my order. WHen I selected I wanted the free order, it charged me $63.78!!! It did not show me the total until it said "order completed". I called them right away, but was told I could not... Read more

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It is scam! Be careful! My boyfriend and I lost the 20 pounds but the company did not give a refund of the deposit. Please do not do! Read more

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I switched internet, Tv, and phone service to Frontier in September by responding to a widely publicized $400 Amazon rebate card incentive. I was very careful to make sure I understood that monthly billing amount. In the first bill I was hit with a $200 install fee... Read more

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