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Power HRG -- Say 'No Thank You' If you just say 'No Thank You' to the nice guy dropped off in your neighborhood to sign you up for free estimates for new windows, you will not have to endure the experience my husband and I went through recently. Please note, after the... Read more

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I am so angry! I signed up with eharmony for the 3 month subscription and they just auto-renewed my membership which 1. I didn't want and 2. they have no option for a refund after they auto-renew your membership! I find this to be very shady business practices as... Read more

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Super promises made by SRG America, and they have never kept it. I got into an SAP training in the NJ office of SRG America. The coundelor named Pallavi, promised me a job right after the training and charged $2600 from me for the same. I paid it and started geting... Read more

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I called each and every doctor within 10 miles from Molina list of providers and none of them accept this insurance. I got a call from Molina rep and gave me a doctors name and number I set appointment and went today the clinic was awful waited over an hour and was... Read more

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This entire story and all updates is available at : I'm sure we all have horror stories dealing with different companies every now and then, but this is one that went a little too far. So far, in fact, that I want everyone to know about... Read more

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I ordered the classic wand. So far no problems with the wand itself, but I feel extremely ripped off. Numes marketing techniques are a scam that leave their customers overpaying no matter what. Retail price of the Nume wand is $140, which is insane to begin with. Spend... Read more

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I've uploaded pictures for years, of my grandchildren, family reunions, etc. etc. and now Snapfish has lost then all. I cannot believe that people in this business would not make sure those pictures could NEVER be lost. Some of them can be seen on the website and... Read more

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Postcard Mania Review July, 2011 I spent nearly $8000 with Postcard Mania for 20,000 postcards mailed out to 5,000 addresses 4 times each. They designed the postcard, gave me the mailing list, and mailed them out. My problem with Postcard Mania is that their sales... Read more

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My ex wrecked my car that I was 2 months from paying off with a tote the note lot. My experience with them was horrible so I was determined to not go through them again. I had terrible credit so I was looking for someone to finance despite that....Clay Cooley offers a... Read more

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Whenever I decide to spend a lot of money on something or it pertains to my health I always get 2-3 quotes/opinions before I commit. Thank goodness I stuck to my rule shopping for lasik surgery. The first place I went to was LASIK vision institute in Dallas. I went... Read more

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