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Smartstyle - Completely Incompetent!!!!! 1.0 I went to the Smart Style in the westside Walmart located on Loop 338 in Odessa Texas and it was the biggest mistake. I wanted a deep condition done... Legacy Harley Davidson - Pathetic I have a 2003 fat boy that I bought new from your dealership in Midland/ Odessa TX. Tried to order new seat today. Was told they do not except credit... Resolved Ace Mechanical - Liers, cheats, and thieves 1.0 Whether you rob a store or rob people out of their money, its the same ***. I'm fed up with all these lying, cheating, stealing companies. Ill name a... First American Home Warranty - The worst home warranty ever 1.0 They took to long for a simple claim for a microwave and washer. Everytime I call them, it takes so long for them to get info and they don't have... Stanton Optical - Terrible Experience. 1.7 Terrible experience, over priced, misled, wait longer than told, got one pair and second a week later, ordered sunglasses, 3 1/2 weeks ago, still not... Aspen Dental Dental Cleaning Review from Odessa, Texas 4.7 I have always had an awesome experience at the Aspen Dental Office in Odessa, Texas. Especially with hygienist Irma Salinas. So far in my lifetime the... Balance Credit - Review in Loans and Mortgages category from Odessa, Texas recieved preapproved letter, was denied, went going and change my account number and online acess code Hostess Brands - Suzy Qs Cake Review from Odessa, Texas Just bought a box at Walmart. Ate one .. no problem... opened another and bit into it and it literally tasted like chemicals. I immediately spit it...