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Champion Plumbing - Air Conditioner Repair Review from Kilgore, Texas 1.7 Air conditioning failed late Friday night in rental home. Contacted rental managemen company by email on Saturday morning according to terms of... Travelocity - Bait and switch 1.0 I purchased a 3 star top secret hotel from travelocity. They booked me at a 2 star motel. When I called them about their bait and switch tactics... Coleman Furniture - Furniture Set Review from Kilgore, Texas The bedroom suit was damaged and now they're telling me that instead of sending me a new bedroom suit they're going to patch it up and that's the... Texan Credit Customer Care Review from Kilgore, Texas 1.0 I am absolutely livid!!!!! I called the corporate office last week and told them of all the horrible experiences with the staff at Texan Credit Mesqu... Westdale Management Rental Property Review from Kilgore, Texas 1.0 I lived at 600 baylor in longview,tx. I lived there for a year and a half and it was a miserable experience. The manager's son is abusive to his girlf... Walmart - Why does every wal mart employee have the iq of lava 1.0 I have bought 96 $45.00 straight talk phone cards at the Kilgore, Texas store. I paid $50.38 at the register. Today I paid $49.61. I asked the clerk... General Mills - Progresso Southwest Chicken Soup This was a large can. I was thinking I could get two lunches from it. I was surprised after opening the can that it was over half water. The directi... Chilis - Manager Review from Kilgore, Texas 2.0 I placed an order last night on the phone, with a smart mouth boy. When we went to pick the order up, we were missing items that i paid for. I also...