I was real excited when I found out I had won the drawing I had entered at the Dallas Women's Expo in Irving. I was given a day to come into the resort, but later had to cancel because of work, and they wanted to reschedule. I found it aggravating when I would get calls from a number I did not know, yet they never left a voicemail. And when they finally left a voicemail and return number, it was a different number I was calling. And the... Read more

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This product is great if you enjoy the smell of burnt hair and the sensation of a really deep sunburn on your ***. I used it once and now I have a funky smelling sack with wire growing from it. Read more

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Frito Lay - Expired chips
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hello I went to subway earlier today, and I began to eat my chips when I got this nasty coffee taste in my mouth, so I spit it out. After spitting it out I started analyzing the bag where i noticed the date on it said January 2013. I then began to look inside the bad, because the stuff i spit out was black. I then noticed more black stuff in the bag. Jan 13 129229301 are the numbers where the expiration date are. what do I need to do to get... Read more

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You are RIGHT. Roca Labs has 60 reviews on the BBB out of 80,000 user. That means that users of Roca Labs are VERY HAPPY in general. Trying to reduce 80 to 200 lbs is not easy and most of Roca Labs customers have obviously some eating disorder to start with. Thanks for your point of view. We will continue to help the world eat right and achieve healthy weight. Read more

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Hi everyone, should I join this company?? This lady called me, she was very nice and i decided to.go.to.the meeting, there they were very nice.and.friendly and.they explained.everything to me that I have.to.pay $100 for a licence which then will help me.get a lot of.money from bringing people to the company and selling.life.insurance, I'm undecided since I read a lot of negative comments about WFG and I. Don't. Want to be seem like a dumb person... Read more

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Saladmaster opened a new office in Hurst Texas under the Robinsons. It is two kids and their father. They put an ad on Craiglist needing part-time people to cook in homes in the metroplex for $2100.00 a month. Well, after 22 hours of unpaid training the job became where they gave me the leads to I get the leads and from 2100. 00 dollars to commission only! Don't be conned by them. The boy Matt Robinson was so rude to me when I didn't make a sell... Read more

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My wife work got slow and everything was on me and I did what I could do spoke with Ed Pointer on the 25th made the payment on the 25th. Car Finance picked up the car on the 28th and it became a joke around the office. I called Ed back and he was supose to be helping me but did nothing but had me talk to a guy name Matthew who was very rude and began to talk like he wanted to take it to the streets. I was like WOW!!!! Being who I am I refuse to... Read more

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Green Planet Movers Local Moving Service Review from Irving, Texas
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Just moved and I hired Green Planet Movers.Moving day 2 men show up to do the job like quoted.They where pretty rough on the boxes sliding them down the steps.Well unpacking one of the movers dropped our recliner.He said he didnt know the back comes off.So it DROPPED and thenwoosen leg broke and vracked.He tells us to use wood glue. Then there is my standing jewlery armoire. CRACKED both sides of the back.Punctured my air mattress, A bunch of... Read more

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Initially, I thought relayrides was a cool idea as it provides a platform to rent my second car as it is istting idle most of the time. Couple of times rental made me to believe it is good idea to rent my car. After that the actual story begins. When rented my car, third time, renter reported the electrical failures in the car at the time of return. I flied a claim and they said, as the car was not involved in any accident and it is a... Read more

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I purchased a home from Lennar in Hidden Cover (Frisco) back in February 2010. The sales associates were both exeptional however the follow up has been lack luster to say the least. Just weeks after moving in I noticed bugs coming up my toliets, baths, sinks. Thought nothing of it washed them down. Then a week later while up working late in my home office I noticed the same bugs all over the window sills and jumping across my desk. There... Read more

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