I was real excited when I found out I had won the drawing I had entered at the Dallas Women's Expo in Irving. I was given a day to come into the resort, but later had to cancel because of work, and they wanted to reschedule. I found it aggravating when I would get... Read more

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This product is great if you enjoy the smell of burnt hair and the sensation of a really deep sunburn on your ***. I used it once and now I have a funky smelling sack with wire growing from it. Read more

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Molina sucks. Doctors don't take it. Thanks to Obamacare I now pay twice as much as I did two years ago for insurance. I am a healthy, non-smoker that doesn't take any medications. I should be easy to insure you would think. I took Molina because it was one of the few... Read more

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Molina health care insurance of Texas is a scam, it only keeps you from paying the unconstitutional penalty at the end of the year. Paying the penalty for no health coverage is $1000+, don't believe that "average" $600 dollar penalty lie the media pushes. I've read... Read more

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Prior to loosing my good insurance coverage I was taking Enrel. Had been on it for more than 18 months and was 100% functional, even to the point that I was able to compete in Senior level Cycling. I lost the good coverage that paid for enbril because of a rule in... Read more

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Bogus charges from Frontier Communications
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I signed up Aug 3 for basic cable for 3 TVs with one expansion level of channels (no movies), internet and landline phone - a triple play. The advertised price on their site for Texas is $79.99. My first bill for Aug and Sept services was $675. Let's start with... Read more

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For more than a 18 months I've been taking Enbrel for my RA. I recently was dropped by my previous insurance provider because I changed my job. I had to find another company and the only option that we could afford was Molina Healthcare at an extremely high deductable.... Read more

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I was a premier designs jewelry rep for a year. At first I was in love with hosting parties and getting my jewelry half off. After awhile I would get at least two women a month returning jewelry because of quality. I.E breaking, awful penny smell and tarnishing. The... Read more

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I'm a new member for Molina Health Care Insurance. I've had BCBS and Aetna in the past though both have dropped the majority of their plans for those of us who are self-employed and want to budget under $500 for monthly premiums. First time ever, I've had kidney stones... Read more

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Also my former premier mama told me that when you have an order and don't won't to put in certain items to save ourselves money is to give out our used jewelry samples. I don't think that's right unless your customer was interested in buying your samples right then and... Read more

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