Just hook up.com is a rip off & it's all fake! Don't fall for the bs. Same 'women' come up in multiple cities, profile descriptions do not match profile pics. Customer service is a joke. The site must have automatic messages sent to my inbox, & when I send a message it doesn't send the message. I hope this site is being investigated. Have been told by customer service no refunds, then was promised refund when I pressed... Read more

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Fitness Connection of Houston Texas is scamming their current members who wish to cancel their gym memberships. When I first signed up at this gym I was told by the manager that if I ever wanted to quit that I just come up there and let them know. Well as luck may have it they have a new policy now. I went to the gym to cancel and I was told that all cancellations now have to go through their corporate office. I was told to "just call this... Read more

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II purchased a sofa, love seat, bench and a recliner from rooms to go about 2 years ago. Everything except the recliner was supposed to be leather. Late last year I began to notice flaking in certain sections of the sofa, love seat and bench. I called customer service and was told that my warranty only covered stains. Not sure why I was sold an extended warranty on all my items if it only covered stains; considering that 3 of the 4 items were... Read more

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Posted this last month as a comment. thought I'd repost it to ask if anyone has had success with Ambit's Travel Rewards Program. Thus far, all that I have seen is disappointment by friends and myself when trying to "cash in" these points. Not to say that you can't use the points. My point is that there is no true FREE flights, hotels, etc. without some strings attached. By the time one uses the points, books a trip, etc. he/she has... Read more

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"ASURION WIRELESS INS 8666672535 TN $99.00" I also have this charge on my account/debit card. My bank instructed me to contact the merchant directly at 866-667-2535 and request that they cancel the transaction before it's authorized. So I called the merchant--apparently this merchant is affiliated with those idiots at Verizon, with whom I do NOT have a mobile phone. I was told that this amount represents a deductible when a claim is filed on a... Read more

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On December 27, 2011 I went to Massage Envy for a 2 hour massage.I have chronic migraines and upper back and neck pain so what should have been an appt of healing and relaxation was anything but that.The massage therapist at massage envy sexually assaulted me. I have been getting massages for the last 12 years at massage envy, cruise ships, resorts, ect. therefore this was not something that can be chalked up as a misunderstanding or an... Read more

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My apologies in advance for the rant I am about to go on, but I hope that everyone reads the comments so they realize you are an ill informed consumer not using common sense. That said these products are incredibly effective at increasing the amount of weight a person can lose, and reducing the amount of time it takes them to meet their goal. The products are produced in an cGMP compliant facility, which is the certification the FDA uses to... Read more

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My AC unit has been repaired over 3 times in 6 years. Now the compressor is out. My house is only 6 years old and Sears came out to see what is wrong with my unit and told me that the serial number on my AC unit is a 2000 model. So Pulte put a 7 year old AC unit on a brand new house. 3 days later the hot water heater in the attic wont light, I haven't had that checked yet but I am pretty sure that is probably over 10 years old as well. ... Read more

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I have worn over 8 pair of hearing aids over the past 20 years, representing 7 different companies. First, I have found that the hearing tests that audiologists do have not changed much in 20 years and are not that relevant to hearing in the real world. Second, the engineers working at hearing aid companies do not understand something very fundamental: 90% of the time (at least), hearing impaired people mostly want to hear people (and not air... Read more

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On Sunday I found out my dog had fleas, so I decided to contact Banfield pet hospital. After speaking with the manager he recommended First Shield Trio to get rid of the fleas which worked for 30 days. After giving this product to my dog it was downhill from there. My dog began shaking,crying, throwing up and eventually stopped walking all together. I immediately washed the product off my dog and took her to the vet where she had to be issued a... Read more

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