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Pods - Unreliable and NOT helpful 1.6 I had a pod planned for delivery on a Saturday. I was moving that day to another city. Of course the pod didn't show up. I heard from customer... Justice For Girls - WORST DEPARTMENT STORE!! 1.0 Had called last week to ask about a return without receipt on 8-8-17 @ 3:50 pm, employee told me no problem can be issued store credit. My husband... Meineke - Lied to and cheated. I performed my own AC. Conversion on my vehicle. To convert my system from using r12 freon to R134. So I have some automotive experience. I changed... American Medical ID - Defective product and obnoxious customer service I had to send the bracelet back twice for re-sizing and refused to pay the fee for the second mailing. The bracelet came back and didn't appear to... Cole Haan Country Loafer Nike Sole Took a Hike! I had a very embarrassing trip out with a close couple that was in town visiting. Everything was great until my heel deciding to throw itself ahead... Tmobile - T-Moblie is a RIPOFF 1.0 I had been with the company since they started and I totally agree that they have changed for the worse. They use to care about their customers, but... The University Of Texas Md Anderson Cancer Center - I felt raped 1.7 Requested only female staff at medical procedure "down there". They gave me a 6 foot 3 inch black male nurse from a Muslim country as my nurse (don't... Central Transport - *** will freeze over before you ever get your delivery. This company has the absolute worst service I have ever received. Oh wait, I haven't received any service yet! I have waited at home for three days...