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Kroger - Customer Care Review from Henderson, Texas As a law enforcement officer and hearing about 2 different incidences of Kroger employees refusing to check out police officers a 2 Mypillow Pillow Review from Henderson, Texas The ad says buy one get one free. $97. You can get them at Walmart for $49. Neuology - Scam Alert! I too was scammed. I looked at my account while I was on the phone with customer service (after getting an email about an order confirmation) and... Whirlpool - Washing Machine Review from Henderson, Texas Brought a washing machine in 2012 its a cabrio. 2nd time motor went out. Looking lid problems. Replace wiring harness finally after wire kept coming... Silverleaf Resorts - Horrible surroundings, rude members, overbearing in every way while staying the surrounding members were loud, rude, and obnixious. Partied loudly until late hours, took over the pool,pavillion and all surroundin... Mckenzie Law Firm and US Cash Advance Scam I received a telephone call from a number 415-484-5144 from some where in the San Francisco/North Bay Area some foreign sounding guy said his name... Emeritus Senior Living - ABUSED MY MOTHER, DRUG DOWN HALL MARCH 2012 MY MOTHER WAS HIT OR SO CALLED RAN INTO DOOR FACING, DRUG DOWN HALL. MAJOR PART OF HER FACE LARGE BRUISE AND EMERITUS TRIED TO COVER UP BET... Chrysler - Truck problem since day one I bought a dodge dakota truck in dec 2011 and a dodge caliber in dec 2011, since day one that i drove that truck off the lot i have had problems with...