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Every Package of Honey Maid Crackers were broken. 3.7 So I have bought HoneyMaid Graham Crackers for many years now and have never had every cracker broken in the box. I was very unhappy as our family... Estes Forwarding Worldwide - Worst Experience Ever! 1.3 I bought patio furniture from and they contracted EFWCS to deliver it. EFWCS emailed me to select a delivery date and time and I did.... Gotprint - Boderline illegal 1.0 So 5 years almost 6 I had a on the job injury at Got Print, and basically totally wiped out my neck. With the company not talking abit of... Metroplex Pools - Due Diligence before you buy 1.2 I contacted this business in a attempt to purchase a in ground pool. The owner did not seem that interested in my wants or needs, just seemed... Smart Start - The Only Way to Survive an Interlock Device is ... 2.7 .. to do two things. 1) Go and talk to the place that will be servicing your unit. Smart Start as a company is incompetent (as, I would guess, are... Soft Surroundings - Don't Buy from this Company - Horrible Quality 2.3 Ordered a dress on October 16, 2016. Wore it once on November 5, 2016. Laundered EXACTLY as described on the care label and it came out wrinkled as... With Official Company Response Arriva Medical - Customer Care Review from Grapevine, Texas I was asked repeatedly to use their pharmacy so I yea one script just to test an they took the money from my plan an NO one can tell me where my meds... Radaris - I have a question how does radaris get all of this info about people that we are looking for? Does it *** into our computers? I do NOT trust this website and i fear it...