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My Name is Michael McBride....I attended one of Montelongo's House Flipping seminares. .at the time I attended the seminare I was down on my luck and looking for a way to better my life....I believed so much in the seminare Iborrowed $1500.00 ffom my parents because... Read more

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I purchased a 1600.00 refrigerator that I saw in the store which had no dents, dings or blemishes at all but the product that was delivered was NOT what I saw and purchased. I immediately contacted Best Buy store # 1412 Garland TX. And advised that both doors had marks... Read more

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This company a crook at placing order. I specifically only order cleaning tonic for $14.99, s&h $7 with a 2nd for free only charge separately s&h fee. Total charge should be around $30. I got charged double at $61.78. I know I declined all additional offer over the... Read more

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Wasn’t even aware that I have an account with Frontier Communications! Receiving bills for a while and I kept calling them about it and they said they will take care of it and adjust the bill. So now they sent me a bill for $700 and I called and they said that it was a... Read more

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The list of providers is grossly inaccurate. I've spent hours on the phone trying to find a PCP in the Dallas area back in January of 2016. It's now June 2016, I called to request an xray order for a possible broken foot and was told I couldn't get an appt for over a... Read more

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The maaco garland on walnut circle consists of some lying, cheating, frauds.! Beware of getting service from them. Because one of their employees might do something or mess with areas of the car they were not supposed to and they will deny any thing happened and deny... Read more

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Everything was like a dream come true until we got to the closing day. We told the sales rep everything about our income although she made some adjustments to get us prequalified. To our surprise, the miscalculations she made to our income screwed us in the end. The... Read more

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We are no longer going to fitness connection. we tried to cancel membership. However, they made us go through a hassle. i have to type a letter why we want to cancel. and send it in for them. what kind service is this ? they have a very bad customer service. I hope you... Read more

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I have two zero water pitchers, when one of the pitchers reaches .006 I use it to pre-filter the water I use for the second pitcher. Think of it this way, if your tap water is showing a reading of 275 the old filter at .006 is still producing water that is more than... Read more

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Horrible, horrible, horrible! Little notice given re: acquisition. Promises made that transition would be satisfactorily completed by 30 April 2016. Service was not even close to Verizon FIOS. Constant billing issues, horrible customer service support, long hold... Read more

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