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There have been 5 shootings, robberies or gunfire incidences since October at their Avana Stonebriar property in the Dallas suburb of The Colony. The people in the office have, at no time, let the residents know. They claim crine happens everywhere but this a small... Read more

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I tried the Soza weight loss program in March 2016, worked very hard to follow all directions including shots and spray. I only lost 16 lbs in about 2 months paid over $500 dollars, I feel like a fool for paying all that money with little results. I would not tell... Read more

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I had given Drivers Select money for a "deposit" I am now being told that the money is non refundable. I asked where it states that like on the website, and was told it does NOT state that. The ONLY notice you get is AFTER giving them the money that you are told, NOT... Read more

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Originally we went into the mattress store to look around for our purchase for the following month. We were talked into the program and the initial payment of 59 dollars, not bad we thought. We said we will need to have our payments monthly and 30 days out. The... Read more

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We bought some chairs from Laz boy in January 16, they were decent. My wife as a surprise for me since I was working off shore bought two more chairs, recliner/rockers. The first time I sat in the chair it felt like it wanted to dump me out on the floor. Laz Boy told... Read more

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Synchrony Bank's billing department agreed to take 4 monthly payments rather than a final balloon payment. After 2 on time payments, they started harassing me with collection calls and threatened to repossess my jet ski. They have reported the account to the credit... Read more

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Love that door - I would definitely not recommend this company to any of my friends or neighbors. The company Representative Mike comes out and acts all nice and kind. Takes your deposit and you never hears from him again. He passes it on to the office and... Read more

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We have lived in 'The Blvd At Medical Center' community for 15 months and We have mixed feelings. Though the quality of apartments and amenities are very good with very good maintenance stuffs (always reachable), few employees and stuffs in leasing office are horrible.... Read more

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they contact you by email firts that they interested lets add us ad google hangout so they can interview you, they will give you about 15 question that they called interview and after that they will contact you again via google hangout,2 days later they contact me and... Read more

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Order # 242069788 I purchased two bathroom cabinets on-line via Ikea website. The delivery schedule, for the same city, 20 miles away was 11 days from purchase. Really? That long? Then the delivery company "Dynamex" in Dallas tried to deliver the product to a business... Read more

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