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I had given Drivers Select money for a "deposit" I am now being told that the money is non refundable. I asked where it states that like on the website, and was told it does NOT state that. The ONLY notice you get is AFTER giving them the money that you are told, NOT... Read more

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I bought a dog from Pentland Frisco, and must admit was a bit more expensive than I was hoping to spend. The dog is great but again we didn't think about the debt that we just added to ourselves and came to the hard decision that we must return the new addition. We... Read more

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They will NOT fix any warranty items. In fact they will ignore you on the 11 month walk thru even though you had submitted multiple items to be fixed. They DO NOT follow the plans, our house had USED lumber we watched the framers pull the nails out of it. Our... Read more

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Originally we went into the mattress store to look around for our purchase for the following month. We were talked into the program and the initial payment of 59 dollars, not bad we thought. We said we will need to have our payments monthly and 30 days out. The... Read more

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My family and I were extremely excited to be building our first home. We had found the ‘perfect’ home in the new community of Phillips Creek, Frisco, Texas, and were excited to begin the building process with Standard Pacific. This excitement quickly turned into stress... Read more

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On July 11, 2013, I had my vehicle parked in a mall parking lot. It was backed into by a Bank of America employee. I have been fighting with Bank of America and the Better Business Bureau for repairs. Today is October 24, and I am still waiting. Mary with Bank of... Read more

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I ordered a pallet of sod and told them to put the pallet in the middle of the driveway as the house was a vacant investment property that I was flipping. The sod was delivered past 11:00pm and when they dropped it off they did extensive damage, they broke a new brick... Read more

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There have been 5 shootings, robberies or gunfire incidences since October at their Avana Stonebriar property in the Dallas suburb of The Colony. The people in the office have, at no time, let the residents know. They claim crine happens everywhere but this a small... Read more

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I hired Ruth Maldonado from Ruth’s ReVamp, Lewisville Texas, for a move-out cleaning. When deciding on date to come, I asked her if she had help since I was concerned about the amount of time to get the job done. Ruth told me she would have some help on Friday night.... Read more

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I paid $50 from Groupon, but never got the delivery. Then Fuel Food charged my account $104.50. I went on to chat on there website and told them I did not want to pay for something that I hadn't even tasted. To refund my money and cancel my second order. They said they... Read more

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