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They are HORRIBLE! I have purchased them in 3 sizes and have only had them a month or two. ALL THREE are discolored on the outside - yellowish-brown, and only in certain spots! They look awful! With the price paid for them, they should be extra spectacular! Two have been sent back "for review", and the third one just happened today! All I can say is - there better be a refund coming so I can go out and replace them with another... Read more

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I had given Drivers Select money for a "deposit" I am now being told that the money is non refundable. I asked where it states that like on the website, and was told it does NOT state that. The ONLY notice you get is AFTER giving them the money that you are told, NOT before giving it. The company never stated that it is non refundable which is bad business practices. I want my money back and am fighting an uphill battle to get Drivers Select to... Read more

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I ordered $3072.77 worth of double hung windows with lattice on Jan 4,2014 from the DFW Window World (WW) Office. The windows were installed on March 19, 2014. After install one window failed to open/close within 24 hours of install. After 3 failures and 3 service calls (same issue) over several weeks the Manager of WW scheduled an appointment to come out and get the serial number to order a replacement frame and window. The manager rescheduled... Read more

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They will NOT fix any warranty items. In fact they will ignore you on the 11 month walk thru even though you had submitted multiple items to be fixed. They DO NOT follow the plans, our house had USED lumber we watched the framers pull the nails out of it. Our Electric is ***. We paid their outrageous price for upgraded appliances. They put in the cheapest dishwasher they could find. it has been 13 months I have had 3 service calls. it... Read more

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I bought a dog from Pentland Frisco, and must admit was a bit more expensive than I was hoping to spend. The dog is great but again we didn't think about the debt that we just added to ourselves and came to the hard decision that we must return the new addition. We checked the corporate site and found that the company did offer a 48 hour return policy plus an administration fee, which was expected. Now I am being charged $300 for the... Read more

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My family and I were extremely excited to be building our first home. We had found the ‘perfect’ home in the new community of Phillips Creek, Frisco, Texas, and were excited to begin the building process with Standard Pacific. This excitement quickly turned into stress with the forging of our initials, the delay in getting our earnest money back, to the basic unprofessionalism and lack of ethics within the company. We signed our contract and... Read more

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I tried the Soza weight loss program in March 2016, worked very hard to follow all directions including shots and spray. I only lost 16 lbs in about 2 months paid over $500 dollars, I feel like a fool for paying all that money with little results. I would not tell anyone to try this Soza program, I waisted all my money. DO NOT WAIST YOUR TIME AND MONEY WITH THIS COMPANY. I AM VERY DISSAPPOINTED. I COULD HAVE LOST 16 LBS ON MY OWN. WANTED TO... Read more

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Originally we went into the mattress store to look around for our purchase for the following month. We were talked into the program and the initial payment of 59 dollars, not bad we thought. We said we will need to have our payments monthly and 30 days out. The salesman said, sure all you need to do is call them (progressive) and set it up. We called and progressive said they can't do that but we can work out another arrangement. Fine we get it... Read more

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On July 11, 2013, I had my vehicle parked in a mall parking lot. It was backed into by a Bank of America employee. I have been fighting with Bank of America and the Better Business Bureau for repairs. Today is October 24, and I am still waiting. Mary with Bank of America is REFUSING to do anything regarding it, so I turned her into the BBB. The BBB refuses to do anything with my complaint. Hope no one you know has their car parked... Read more

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There have been 5 shootings, robberies or gunfire incidences since October at their Avana Stonebriar property in the Dallas suburb of The Colony. The people in the office have, at no time, let the residents know. They claim crine happens everywhere but this a small suburb. I have lived in this city 30 years and no of no other location with as high a crime rate as this property. Do not move to Greystar properties. They are extremely dishonest and... Read more

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