Apparently, I am only one of many who have been targeted by this scam, and something needs to be done about it. Here are the details: On June 14, 2011, I had an appointment for my car to be serviced at Metro Volkswagen in Irving, Texas. They had promised a loaner... Read more

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Watch Out! Hot Wheels Sizzler car buyers. He/eBay's Sizzler Hitler is now at other sites. He will spam you, rob you with shipping fees, sell you junk fixes and if you are not liked from$$-asskissing him, he will assault you. Sizzler-Shop/ will sell... Read more

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I contracted the CHAIR GYM company Novermber 2014 and at that time i advised them that i had not recieved the chair he said that he show's the chair was deliveryed and sat on my pouch 09/09/14. At that point i ask him why would they sit it on my pouch without any being... Read more

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Frontier Communications - Worst customer service, promise and commitments
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One of the worst communication company in terms of their service, promise and commitments. I asked Frontier to changer their service to $84.99 triple play with 75/75 internet, HD preferred TV, and landline phone. They advised me the service status changed based on my... Read more

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I need a new mattress, so I go online to Mattress Giant and apply for their no credit check financing (b/c I didn't qualify for the regular financing). The finance company (Progressive Finance) approves me for up to $1100.00, needless to say I was happy. I went to... Read more

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In the spring of 2002 started receiving post cards from LGI Ranch homes in lone star ranch. Beginning Nov 2002 we were just moved in and received our state property and homeowners tax info telling us congrats on our new home and there taxing us on our purchase price... Read more

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I found that if you take your jewelry to be repaired by Zale Corporation in the state of TX and upper East Coast the company they contract the repairs to called MJJ Brilliant and Jeweler Tech Services LLC send the repairs to Merida Mexico to be fixed. Zale Corporate... Read more

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Hello everyone ! I recently when to John Casablancas , Went through an " Audition " for the run way , I got called in , And evaluated , Asked to come in at 2:00 , 1:00 being the time prior to that . They gave us 3 papers , Which said I could pay in full , Or by the... Read more

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Does LGI build community centers in all of their subdivisions, I live in a subdivision where we are required to pay $300 a year and we have no community center to meet a very tiny pool for 253 homes, I think we were dealt a bad hand. Most people in this community I'm... Read more

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I bought this product and it brought a lot of my hair came out every time I comb or brush my hair came and I only use it for a week and I called,the company and told her my hair was coming out and she replied wow it must be the alcohol in the product that is making... Read more

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