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Apparently, I am only one of many who have been targeted by this scam, and something needs to be done about it. Here are the details: On June 14, 2011, I had an appointment for my car to be serviced at Metro Volkswagen in Irving, Texas. They had promised a loaner... Read more

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I need a new mattress, so I go online to Mattress Giant and apply for their no credit check financing (b/c I didn't qualify for the regular financing). The finance company (Progressive Finance) approves me for up to $1100.00, needless to say I was happy. I went to... Read more

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Frontier Communications - Worst customer service, promise and commitments
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One of the worst communication company in terms of their service, promise and commitments. I asked Frontier to changer their service to $84.99 triple play with 75/75 internet, HD preferred TV, and landline phone. They advised me the service status changed based on my... Read more

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where do i start? I went in to try to buy a home. I received a flyer. It said homes starting at $779/ month with no down payment. I thought... Great! Ill give it a go! So i went in to talk to them. Let me point out... obviously i know it wasn't going to be ONLY $779/... Read more

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I ordered the veneers thinking that the down payment was all that I had to pay. $149.00. That is what is advertised and that is what they had on my contract. 149.00 Down payment and then in the fine print they added that I would need to pay an additional 149.00 so as I... Read more

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We have been having an ongoing visits to the ER at JPS for my husband's hernia problems that he got in 2014. Sometime in 2015 he went there to hopefully see about helping him getting it fixed my father had the surgery there in 2010 and I thought they did an awesome job... Read more

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There's a few things I didn't like about my experience with this company. For starters, pricing per floorplan is not listed on their website, due to the fact that their prices fluctuate on the DAILY BASIS (reminds me of the the stock market). Their homes are overpriced... Read more

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With Official Company Response

I specifically put that I needed my payments to coordinate with my scheduled paydays (1st and 15th). These are not weird dates. These are common for those that get paid biweekly. After the first 2 payments they are now moving to the day BEFORE my payday for the next 5... Read more

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With Official Company Response

Obtained a loan from Rise in 2016. I was told the interest rate was 16% it actually was 98%. I asked about loan closing paperwork and was told it would be in the mail within 2 weeks. I was told the payments would be 189.88 a month it was 189.99 twice a month. Because... Read more

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With Official Company Response

I actually thought this was a good company to apply for a loan with. However, before I could even get a decision on this loan, I realized I had made a big mistake. They told me before they could complete my application they needed to verify some more information. Ok,... Read more

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