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Ulta - Don't buy eyebrow stencils in store! 3.0 I recently purchased Eylure Brow Stencils from and Ulta store in El Paso, TX. The product was supposed to contain 4 stencils. I only got 2. I'm... Thumbtack - Mortified 1.4 I would like to know the process of getting someone banned from offering services on your site. I hired a company through your site, I am stationed... Energizer - Hate you are advertising on the NFL games. Since you support the NFL with your advertising, I will no longer purchase any of your products. It was your choice to pay your money to these... Trobbles to get my package at FedEx 2.1 Fedex disappeared with my package I was at an academic congress and I got a business book as a gift. This company sent me the FedEx book and emailed... Ecowater Systems - PROMISES NOT KEPT 2.6 I purchased an Eco Water System from a neighbor and was pleased with the system, however I was told to choose products from them (come included with... Ep Fitness - Membership renewal 1.1 I have had the same membership for the past four years this year when he came to renew my membership I was contacted and solicited by several... VitalChek Customer Service and Support is Non Existent 1.0 Placed an order with VitalCheck for Arkansas Documents on 7 August. Received a notice on 28 August that the UPS shipping documents were generated.... Polygroup Pools 1.0 Bought this pool on impulse because fiance & kids bugged me to. Waited about 72 days before setting up, as I was traveling for work & had to prep...