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I ordered four dresses using their fit guide.Three out of four arrived, and were cut so poorly I couldn't get them over my shoulders. Emailed them several times for a return label and process and NEVER had any responses. The fourth dress never arrived and I paid for... Read more

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My child went to La Patite for her "Pre-school" they supposedly had a program similar to the districts pres school program. Needless to say, my daughter is now in kinder and does not even know how to hold scissors, knows her alphabet, can't recognize letters nor... Read more

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I bought a 65 " sharp tv june of 2014 with a 2 yr. warranty.i thought the warranty started after the manufactures warranty but it ended up starting the same day, so I was screwed out of a year warranty. This lousy brand tv went out 2 yrs. 3 months after I bought it and... Read more

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Customer service is terrible. For whatever reason my PayPal purchase couldn't be authorized. That's funny since I made another purchase just days later that went through fine. They cancelled my first order however and never emailed me. No contact on whatsoever. And... Read more

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I kept my iPhone 5 when I upgraded to a 6+ as a back up and to hand down to my son in a couple of months. We went to a water park last week and I decided to use it for pics since I only have an Otterbox on my new phone. Well that didn't work out, I did all of the... Read more

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  • Aug 30, 2016
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They are the worst pest control company ever.. They explain one thing and then they switch it, and act like they didn't.. Because of yalls lies, my credit is affecting me.. yall want me to pay for a service i never got and never agreed.. seriously people, terminex is...

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Was never told when I prepaid for a round of treatments that the service would continue after my prepaid visits were up. After seeing absolutely no improvement to my yard and talking to them at least twice about issues (weeds never controlled, fungus growing in my... Read more

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I believe our home is well built, but it has been largely because we and our general over the project have redone many aspects of the home; Sometimes 3 or 4 times over. We also hired an out side inspector for one more set of eyes to look at things. I would not... Read more

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Everything was perfect, but the staff did ruin everything for us. The room was very clean and the hotel is very well kept. It started raining pretty hard and we lost power 3 times. Due to that, the clock did reset and we did not notice it. At 10 am housekeeping was... Read more

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Iam so upset with L'OREAL Double Extend beauty Mascara I bought it used it 1 time and my eye lashes fell out my eye's are swallon red and irritated! my Birthday is in 3 day's and I'm a mess my feelings are so hurt by this. I'm in thr process now of looking for an...

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