Plentyoffish - Deny services to website. Explanation: email address not in their data base.
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Resume services or give refund for not providing proper services. On 08-26-2015, my service with POW was interrupted with notice of wrong doing whatsoever. I still receive notifications from current members of the website but unable to reply to any because of the company claim to " NOT HAVING MY EMAIL.......in their data base. I never experienced this type of treatment/behavior from a social dating entity before. If the company has come to the... Read more

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SCAM****SCAM***GeoHoliday, Geo Holiday, Sapphire, Jockey Club, Starpoint. this timeshare is a scam.Their sole purpose is to collect your annual maintenance fees, while providing very little in return. We bought this timeshare on a trip to Las Vegas on our honeymoon in June 2015. Paid 8K for this and in December I had to pay $900 maintenance fees, for something that I had not used yet! Paid $450 in 2016 maintenance fees. In June 2016, tried to... Read more

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