Received a call with the Direct TV/Directv phone number on my caller ID. This is a SCAM. They are spoofing/putting up a fake phone number to show on your caller ID(it shows Directv number it's not them!). IF you have Direct TV, they will offer you the full package... Read more

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I purchased one of the $130 diffusers and am VERY unhappy. You have to put water in it ever few hours to keep it going. They will not do any exchanges or returns on their diffusers. PERIOD! So i paid a lot of money to have to babysit this machine. NOT WORTH it. I tried... Read more

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not a true prophet repeats having money issues and has always telling everyone the same thing over and over never registers with me waste of money ask God for a word not Stephen who is double minded and using the kingdom for his satisfaction and stealing from... Read more

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