Lately we have purchased Dr Pepper products in the plastic bottles. The lids have become so difficult to open that I suppose we will have to purchase different products in the future. This morning I had to cut the plastic seal with a knife and then twist the top off... Read more

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Spent $1,300 for 5 days in Cabo at Raintree Club Regina. Went through the whole time share presentation and decided to buy Beyond Experience vacation plan rather than time share. We then used it to book a week at the same place for $400. No hickups. Everything was... Read more

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Acacia energy sucks and is a complete scam...they will shut your lights off and txt u about it after so they can charge u reconnection fee..my lights has been off everyday this week and ive put more than 200$ on my account this week and when i call they tell me my... Read more

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Wow...I can not help but notice that the people who tell us that Steven Zarelli is not very good at his chosen field (and untrained) are all articulate and knowledgeable while those who defend him can not spell simple words and have the grammar of a 7 year old. I know... Read more

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Had major problems with orders being damaged and incomplete. spent 45 minutes on phone trying to get resolved. Customer service lost my call! No record of my call. Called President Kevin Mansell's office. Told "he does not have an assistant and does not take... Read more

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