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Fannie Mae - Lack of due diligence that cost me my home 1.0 I put an offer in on a Fannie Mae foreclosure and it was accepted. I was given less than a week to have my commitment letter, and my closing was... I'm done with Fox News Ever since Greta & Oriely left Fox has gone way down. I have watched Fox for Many years but No More! I mean y'all are not with our President. I can't... Bella Furniture - Cheats and liars 1.0 These guys are dishonest. Don't buy here at all. They will promise you a lot and sell you on insurance and all that but they do not honor their... ATT is violating the agreement 1.0 I took ATT service on "Buy one, get one free" plan. In that plan, I was liable to pay for the first iPhone completely and the second iPhone for the... The Sweepstakes Audit Bureau - Stop sending mail 1.0 We have contacted you before and it did not help . My mother is 90 years old and does not understand why she keeps getting this trash from you people... Potbelly Sandwich Shop - Incompetent employees I frequent the oswego il location. I also to food runs for my co-workers. A couple weeks ago they messed up an order. They told me tjey would credit... Comerica Bank - Worst banking service ever I own an account in Comerica. I drafted a check in favor of my pension fund what replied that the check is bounced, This is absurd as I had enough... Atmos Energy - What the *** is going on 1.1 I am looking at a disconnect letter from Atmos. My last communication with them was last month when I got a $700 bill and called them. she agreed...