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Southeastern Freight Lines - United Leather USA Southeastern as of lately have been missing our pickups way too many times. I have scheduled pick up through Freight Quote and direct through us, I... Asurion stripped my computer after deeming it "Irrepairable" returned it to me broken and missing parts 1.0 I sent my computer in over a month ago after it was fried from a power station exploding and causing a massive power surge. I recorded my sending of... Sona Medspa - Laser Hair Removal of multiple areas 2.1 Over a year later and thousands of dollars later.. I still have hair in ALL 4 of the areas I had treated.. I am so upset with the results. It was... Skylight Visa - Horrible company that you'll figure out 3.4 What happened when I tried to contact them if there is no Representatives no more no customer service needed only through supervisor Paula and then I... Dollar Rent A Car - Horrible experience / Ripped off 1.2 I rented a car from DFW in March of 2017, I was not told at the counter that if I did not purchase the $12.99 a day toll tag thru them, that I would... Kehe Distributors - Find a better distributor... 1.4 I taught marketing before I opened a small retail store in a really cool neighborhood. Used to have a 'hall of shame' for customer service, and... Monitronics - Monitrocics - People that lie to you 2.0 Look like iot is impossible to cancel with Monitronics (Moni) still if your contract is expired. After 3 calls in the last 3 weeks, I was told that I... Drivers Select - Rude, they don't care about customers. 1.0 The worst experience. The place was dirty. Wanted to test drive a car, had to wait forever for someone to come down from upstairs to assist. While...