On the day my payment was due I called to ask for a 2 day extension. They have every right to say no but I have been with them 7 yrs and this is the first time I couldn't pay on time. First they tried to sell me on "bill float" a paid service to have an extension and when I was adamant that I didn't want that; they said there was nothing they could do. When I hung up, instead of letting me have my last day of paid phone service, they... Read more

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Horrible work was done by Bathwwraps on my parents home. These are rip-off artists of the worst kind. My mom contracted Bathwraps to install a tub and wall liner in their main bathroom for $3500. This is a high price for this amount of work. A Bathwraps employee measured the area and assured my dad that the liner would "fit like a glove". When it came time to install, a number of weeks later, the installer (who told my dad that he had been... Read more

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Decent product, horrible installation. The salesman promised way more than was actually delivered. Bought this product in 2008. It's held up decent so far (2014) but everytime I see the tub, I'm reminded of what I had and how this isn't what I wanted. Here's what went wrong. 1) The shower curtain bar was too short by 3 inches...so much for perfect measurements. They had to run to the store for a longer one. 2) The corner shelf-tower was... Read more

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I was a former employee with Ace Cash Express corporate office handled return checks in numerous states. I came to conclusion ACE would cash a piece of paper if you brought it in. They hardly verified checks,quite a few where stolen from good people and brought in to cash said check without verifying or calling people who where on checks. They never pursued anybody legally in reference to bad checks'''cost to much'''... Read more

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I spent the entire day waiting for a package. At 5:01 pm the Tracking screen reports: 2:41 "Customer not available or business closed" This is an unadulterated LIE. Not only have I been here all day, but the place has had people in-and-out of it all day long. Cars are in the lot, the doors are unlocked. There is NO WAY that the diver could have thought the offices were closed or that nobody was here. The lazy *** *** just didn't want to get... Read more

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Bought myself a $900.00 leather recliner four years ago to go with my new/first house...The nice tan leather turned white where my head rests after about year two. A two dollar bolt broke last week and I can no longer use the foot rest..I called customer service and was told I'll have to drive it across town and leave it for 3 to 5 days. The lifetime warranty on the parts isn't going to do much. The $100.00 labor charge on the other... Read more

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We wanted to do something good, so we called the "HERITAGE FOR THE BLIND" and donated our BMW 2001 to them. The car was in a good running condition, no body damages, clean interior, bottom line the car was in a good condition. They came and picked up the car and told us they will send us the tax papers in a week. We donated our car on April 2013, today is September 2013, after 5 months they have still not mailed us the tax papers. Yesterday I... Read more

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First off, Clear Choice, Please Be Ethical. Do The Right Thing And Help Me. Stop Leaving Me In This Situation. Now, my All on 4 Review. Clear Choice in Dallas, has absolutely ruined my mouth as well as the quality of my life, while putting me in debt. It's been over a year and a half since the procedure. The titanium bar does not align with the implant holes which causes continual pain, pressure and pulling (improper vertical match); the bridges... Read more

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I was right by the bank when I mistakenly withdrew 10 dollars more than was in my account... I walked over to the counter and said here ya go I just withdrew 20$ to much. They then informed me that I owed 3 overdraft fee's of 35 dollars... 1 for the initial overdraft then another for the maintanence fee and another for the low balance fee... I found it interesting that the moment my account goes negative the bank programs their computers to... Read more

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In my previous Swift Company Drivers post, I outlined how to further document your work activities to enhance your self protection from rouge or inept Swift terminal employees and management and their often made up "policies" that they use to try and make you quit if they don't like you for whatever reason(s) they may have. Always remember, You can be fired from any job at anytime anywhere in the U.S., An employer does not have to give you... Read more

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