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Filling prescriptions at my local pharmacy used to be a snap. Filling prescriptions with Aetna RX Home Delivery is a NIGHTMARE! Everytime I send in prescriptions for the same refills - time after time after time, I get the same runaround and the same delays in receiving my medications. I wonder how many people have DIED waiting for their medications, because Aetna is so freaking SLOW and uncaring. I think it is a case of "the FOX guarding... Read more

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I ordered 2 pillows, one for me and one for wife; after trying to make it work we had nothing but neck aches and that transmitted to arms and upper back. I am convinced that this is a scam and scams like this need to be chased down by health control agencies. So know this and make the right decision when scammers like this guy on tv is lying to you. They work on odds; they know that a pecentage will be thrown out, a %age will be thrown in a... Read more

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I wish I had thrown away the solitication I received. Total waste of time. My FICO is 742 but I was declined due to insufficient income. Applied for a debt consolidation loan for $15k and have enough income to support the debt. Long term history of employment not one late payment. Read more

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i was approved for a loan through western sky financial after talking to a man from the company over the phone. they ran my credit and told me the amount I was approved for. the interest rate was outragious and the finance charge was 350.00 off the top of a 850.00 loan. i was desperate so i agreed. they told me the items i would need to fax and i did it within an hour. for the next month i faxed many bank statements, letters from my bank and... Read more

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Thank you for your post regarding your experience at a sales event held by a dealer of our products. We are sorry to hear of this situation and we'd like to reach out to the dealer on your behalf if this situation has not already been resolved. Please contact us at 800-860-7727 or so we can discuss this matter further. Thank you. Read more

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I have not had my roof fixed by Hippo Roofing but am a vendor who can't get paid. I went to their offices today (a rainy day) and had the displeasure of having a conversation with the owners to collect a past due invoice. I started off the conversation by saying that rainy weather is bad for his type of business (all of his newly graphically wrapped vehicles were parked in the driveways) they proceeded to tell me that they love days like... Read more

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It takes ever bit of 5 weeks to get this sorry stuff. It says mix 1 oz of concentrate to 15 oz of water and the bottle contains 16 oz of concentrate. The concentrate comes in 8 oz bottles. Then it says if stronger mix is needed to add another ounce. I mixed it 1 to 15 and tried to clean the top of my stove and a pan. I even tried the scouring pad shipped with it on the pan. Didn't clean any of it. I added another ounce, still no results. I got... Read more

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This is concerning an car accident and claim that was opened up in November of 2011. After towing the vehicle to BMW Dallas branch for repair we had to wait for Pronto insurance to send out an appraiser to come look at the vehicle before work could be started and before BMW would issue an rental that I could drive. After it taking a while for the appraiser to come out... he did take note that the vehicle was lop sided and sustained damage to the... Read more

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Why the heck does walmart hire non english speaking employees? Went to walmart in Uvalde Texas and asked the girl in the pet department where I could find puppy wormer. she doesn't say a word just looks at me with a blank stare then she spins on her heels and walks away. I started to follow her until I realized she was heading out of the department I was shopping in and crossing the clothing dept. how can a person get customer service from... Read more

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My fiance just purchased a vehicle from drivetime in April. Not even a week later the vehicle does not want to start! We should have returned it then and ran from them as fast as we could but they fixed it. A few weeks later, the check engine light comes on and we noticed the vehicle was idling weird. I called them and of course not very happy and they sound like they want to help us (being that we only had the vehicle for a little over a... Read more

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