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I wish I had thrown away the solitication I received. Total waste of time. My FICO is 742 but I was declined due to insufficient income. Applied for a debt consolidation loan for $15k and have enough income to support the debt. Long term history of employment not one... Read more

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I ordered 2 pillows, one for me and one for wife; after trying to make it work we had nothing but neck aches and that transmitted to arms and upper back. I am convinced that this is a scam and scams like this need to be chased down by health control agencies. So... Read more

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i was approved for a loan through western sky financial after talking to a man from the company over the phone. they ran my credit and told me the amount I was approved for. the interest rate was outragious and the finance charge was 350.00 off the top of a 850.00... Read more

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It takes ever bit of 5 weeks to get this sorry stuff. It says mix 1 oz of concentrate to 15 oz of water and the bottle contains 16 oz of concentrate. The concentrate comes in 8 oz bottles. Then it says if stronger mix is needed to add another ounce. I mixed it 1 to 15... Read more

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This is concerning an car accident and claim that was opened up in November of 2011. After towing the vehicle to BMW Dallas branch for repair we had to wait for Pronto insurance to send out an appraiser to come look at the vehicle before work could be started and... Read more

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This hair cut salon are thieves. According to the sing they announce hair cuts for 14.75 but when you go to pay for they ended up charging 36.75 They added 3.00 dollars for conditioner and 17.50 for drying the hair. I can't believe they charge more for drying the... Read more

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Do not even try to get a refund from Lumber Liquidators
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I special ordered some oak flooring and it took a month. It arrived and about half way through the first box the wood was warped, all different widths and thickness and some were even chewed up. I told my contractor to do the best he could thinking I would deal with... Read more

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I have read these complaints against National Paralegal College and honestly can not believe it.----The financial dept at NPC is wonderful. They do send out award letters and do respond to their students requests and are always willing to explain things to you . They... Read more

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I have been a customer for 2 + years, in the last 6 months invoices were not sent,payments were not applied, and when I asked to see the ledger for my fathers account I was told by the owner "that every thing was recorded in the ledger, and that I was not to bother the... Read more

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I delivered a very expensive and irreplaceable fiberglass buggy body to the maaco shop in Corpus Christi for a simple paint job. all repair work was done and it was all in primer and ready to paint when they got it. during the next 2 months, I called to check on the... Read more

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