It takes ever bit of 5 weeks to get this sorry stuff. It says mix 1 oz of concentrate to 15 oz of water and the bottle contains 16 oz of concentrate. The concentrate comes in 8 oz bottles. Then it says if stronger mix is needed to add another ounce. I mixed it 1 to 15... Read more

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Ashley Furniture North Shore Bed Review from Corpus Christi, Texas
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I purchased a king size bed - 2 side tables, desk, bookshelf, oversized mirror, a large entry table, requested all to be delivered "boxed". The rails for the bed and the headboard (damaged box) we're the only items left boxed in truck. Several weeks later I was able... Read more

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I ordered 2 pillows, one for me and one for wife; after trying to make it work we had nothing but neck aches and that transmitted to arms and upper back. I am convinced that this is a scam and scams like this need to be chased down by health control agencies. So... Read more

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My husband purchased a rogue collection 1941 purse for me on Saturday 18th December from the Corpus Christi Coach store in Texas. I did not like it and so I returned it on the 20th of December 2016. It cost $$$&. I took it back to the store so that I could buy a... Read more

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I had to purchase a bed for my son and a small dining table, my credit is not good right now because my wife had breast cancer and medical bills were piling up. My total purchase was just over $2000 I have been paying for over a year and still owe over $2000. I... Read more

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I have waited for a long time for Brake Check to at least talk to me about my problem. I planned to go to a graduation out of town last year. I went to Brake Check to make sure my car was in good repair. I drove down SPID and felt a thump and a loss of power. I called... Read more

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3/19/17 paid William Amend $100.00. 3/5/17 paid my balanve to Lori Burke for my mattress order #146988 and l yet to receive my order!!!! My calls are not answered and messages are not returned!!! Where are my $11867.67 mattresses I purchased at MATTRESS1ONE on 4914... Read more

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AEP harassment about solar panels aep calls police on me about telling them to leave they lied about why they were at my home first then lied about requirements needed to have the solar panels then lied about my meter malfunctioning , its harassment and intimidation... Read more

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I was told that I could take my RV to a local dealer and Jayco would warranty the work since I have no dealer within 200 miles of me. After the work was done, Jayco only paid about half of the cost. My RV only has 1200 miles on it. Now my rear AC is not cooling and I... Read more

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Do not go here unless you are willing to pay 50$ a month plus random extra charges due to bs that they make up is a real reason to charge you. Have had a membership for 4 months only went maybe twice because I don't have time (mainly my fault for signing up) but when I... Read more

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