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Paid off a 2005 Chev. Malibu in 2009 and never rec. a title. Later they sent a letter saying that I needed to pay one more payment. I didn't pay it because I didn't owe it, and they never issued any title. Its been 7 yrs. and I traded in this car and I need a release... Read more

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We have been RVing for 47 years and have many travel trailers (new and used) We purchased a V-lite in December of 2013 from Ron Hoover in Donna, TX (don't ever purchase there) We have had nothing but problems with it. First of all they took out the recliners that... Read more

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Bought two U-Haul locks in Austin, TX for my personal trailer because they seemed to provide an extra level of security. Tried to unload trailer in Brownsville, TX and one lock will not open; cylinder turned slightly but bolt was frozen solid. Don't have the tools or... Read more

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I was side swiped by a Pronto Insurance customer 9/28/16 (1 day after I put plates on my brand new vehicle). Police were called, and it was determined to be the Pronto drivers fault. It took about two weeks for me to receive a call from my adjuster after I made a... Read more

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Went to Firestone on Nov 9, 2012 to get my brake lights fixed the tech pulled my car into the bay and started checking to find out why the lights would not work 1 hour 15 mins later I was still waiting on them to fix the problem. The service advisor came to ask me if I... Read more

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Placed an order the morning of 2/13/2017 to be delivered Valentine's day to a middle school. About 1:30pm I was concerned that I still had not received a delivery confirmation email, so I called. Spoke with Nancy. She said the arrangement was in transit. Brownsville... Read more

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I ordered a blueprint and what I got was a black and white copy of a "blueprint". It's blurry and not worth mounting much less displaying. You try to communicate your concern and they hide behind a standard "you're out of luck" email. Apparently making a copy is... Read more

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Horrible customer Representatives and services. First, they couldn't find my deposite i send. It was applied to a canceled order. Second, the representative, Rebecca, was very rude, telling me that she didn't have a magic wand to fix it. When i called the 4th time to... Read more

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I have paperless billing and missed one payment, I started receiving phone calls from Kohls (recording machine) twice a day, even Sunday 8 am, no voicemail o emails were sent indicating the reason for the calls. I realized I had missed a payment. I decided to call the... Read more

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IBC did a forced debit of $246.00 dollars on 3/7/16 without contacting me. I disputed it on 3/9/16 it was credited back but, withdrawn again in 4/18/16. IBC claims the forms mailed to me were not returned on time. I disputed it again and had my address changed, which... Read more

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