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Baytown Nissan - Could one more lie be spoken 1.0 I was contacted by Baytown Nissan in May Telling me that was pre approved for anything on the light 25,000 under With zero down so I picked out a... Gvtc - Slow internet 2.0 I pay for and supposedly have DSL internet.... except that I don't. It's often so slow a video will not load and at times, I have no internet... Wayfair - Shipping Service Review from Baytown, Texas 1.0 Ordered chairs over a month ago. They've been all over the world except where they were suppose to be delivered. I live in Texas and have been... CastleRock Communities - Do your inspection before a house from these builders 1.8 This is our personal experience with CastleRock communities in Baytown, TX. We signed the contract for an inventory home at Goose Creek landing... Att - Phone Plan Review from Baytown, Texas 1.3 To say the least, I am extremely unsatisfied with the service of AT&T. Before going out of the country I was advised to purchase a minimal data plan... Omnipod - Allergic reaction at the pod site I have been wearing the Omni pod for almost 3 years now and love it. However, about 3 months ago, I started to having an allergic reaction at the... I've Complained to Chicos (MANY, MANY) Times about Lack of Size 4 in Stores I have complained so many times to Chicos about not carrying Size 4 in the stores. When you ask the sales clerk, you usually get the response of "Oh... Fitness Connection Usa - Review in Fitness Centers category from Baytown, Texas They are the worst people ever. I closed my account was told i would not have any money drafted out my account and 1 month later i was drafted money....