Sgt. Richard Arvine Overton Born May 5, 1906 in Bastrop Co,Texas. Create by- Jay Lance Picture by- Gtrg Raike Cemetery by- Fluttergirl My question is this Memorial should not be posted this man is still living as of today and he is over a hundred and ten years old.... Read more

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watch out i cught there bluff...ehen you return make sur its in a item a bag 2...do no message them they ben told tp recoop some of bad managemeent they remove all bad notes frome your account. 3-hvew you notice they not begging or thertingf you for the last payment of... Read more

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Went to HEB early this Saturday morning. Got a cart full of groceries for my family and myself and went to check out. The cashier rang up all of my groceries and then ran my check. Declined. I was told very politely to please call an 800 number for telecheck. No... Read more

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