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Ambetter in Washington State and Nationwide I have had serious issues with Ambetter for months. If you have too, especially in Washington State, please let me know. From what I understand,... I do not TRUST Paypal... I thought that paypal was a good trustworthy company that I can make payment through. I had to cancel my credit card because of fraudulent... PrintGlobe - Nice people, poor product. 2.0 I ordered a set of "absorbent stone coasters". When I received them, they looked nothing like the proof. Granted, because of the porous nature of the... Sleep Number - Terrible, horrible, it sucks 1.6 Immediately my wife could not sleep. We tried everything known to man to correct it. Tried staying for several nights on a setting and changing it.... Texas Auto Center - Be careful if you decide to get a car thru them ! There's always a catch ! 1.3 I feel your pain about your car ! They sold me a car with *** up brakes ! I barely had the car 2 months at the time and I went without my vehicle for... Done Com - REAL SLOPPY WORK AND BUSINESS PRACTICES. Done is the right name for this company because they will take you money and be done with you. There employees are not knowledgeable they will mess... Control4... What a piece of *** System... absolute JUNK, and a horrible company 1.0 My name is Kendall Harter (830) 693-8087... I post my telephone #, because I know Control4 Corporate does not care about the fact I spent $70,000.00... FEMA - Total Waste 1.0 The day after Hurricane Harvey, I applied for assistance. 2 weeks and several phone calls and hours on hold later, my issue is still not resolved. I...