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Newgistics - Customer totally pissed!! 1.0 I had to return a cell phone to ATT. They provided me with a "smart label" for returns. I was dropped off at the USPS office and you can see where it... PUBLIC STORAGE FACILITIES: DO NOT TRUST THEM, EVER! 1.0 Favalar76, do not listen to those trying to bash you. They are Public storage Stooges and this is what they do when written complaints are presented.... Orangetheory Fitness - Outrageous Cancellation Policy 3.4 I called the weekend before my membership was to renew and was told I couldn't do it over the phone, I had to come in. I was out of town and went in... Fema - Unorganized & Rude 1.0 I came to the FEMA tent here in Corpus Christi TX. So they could help me and answer questions . I stood in line at 8:45am they line wasn’t very long... PartsTree - Parts tree order 1.7 I order parts from Parts tree and never received parts. I checked on line and no order existed. I re-did order again and order was processed. I... Gehan Homes - Very sad very stupid 1.0 we are so stupid as humans we want a big new home and we know its built bad but we still want it cause its new and new and well new. Not the fact... Gehan Homes - Roof,roof,roof 1.4 Purchased our home from original owner and have had nothing but problems since moving in to our dream home. Roof is garbage no sealant, improper drip... Lubys Cafeteria - Worst customer service ever 1.2 So today after outreaching with my pastor I suggested we go eat at lubys, the worst idea ever, so it all started with the guy who plates the food and...